Monday, May 12, 2008

Yo, Hilllllaryyyy!

I was over at Carmen's site last week; where I participated in a discussion regarding Senator Clinton's overly-ambitious attempts to win the Democratic nomination despite being significantly behind in every major electoral category. From that discussion, it is my contention that Hill continues to stay in the race for one of two reasons:

(1) Her clear sense of entitlement; or
(2) Because she plans to dismantle Obama's campaign so severely for the General Election that she becomes the clear and undeniable candidate in 2012.

I wasn't able to get anybody on Carm's site to bite on my theory. But I really believe I'm on to something. For additional reference, look no further than her campaigning in Pennsylvania.

When Clinton cleverly juxtaposed herself to Rocky, the iconic fictional boxer who became the poster child for underdogs everywhere, I immediately cringed. Though using the label of "underdog" is somewhat of a misnomer for a person worth $109 million and who -- at one point -- was all but crowned the next president, I still got a chill when she said it. Being a Rocky buff, I immediately knew where she was going with this. Again, while I hate propogating conspiracy theories, this one may have a bit of legitimacy. Consider:

In Part I, Rocky lost a close contest to the heavily favored champion, one Apollo Creed. But the real hands-down winner in the contest was Rock. Not only did most of the media side with him; thinking that he was robbed of the title; but the physical and mental beatings he put on Apollo wore the champ down just enough to set him up for the ultimate knockout in the sequel. Hill's sequel = 2012.

By my estimates, Hill is no longer in this Democratic contest to win it. She's in it to RUIN it.

With every comment about how Obama can't win with the "white, working class", every unfair and unbalanced association with Rev. Wright, every attack on Obama's "experience" and every cry of disenfranchisment of Michigan and Florida voters, Hillary is using every Republican-feeding attack she can to methodically soften Barack up to take a loss during the General Election. If Sen. McCain can capitalize on Hill's subtle Obama-thrwarting and is given the opportunity to continue George Bush's legacy for the next four years, Americans will become so upset (and at the same time, possibly enthralled by Hill) that the only option they will consider is to put Clinton in office during the next term. I can see it now: "I told you so..." would be her campaign slogan.

I hate to openly admit things that I got away with, but I know the story of self-benefitting sabotage against somebody else all too well. I've done it myself. Except, my "prize" wasn't anywhere near the significance of winning the White House. The booty that stands to be won here will be worth the wait for Hill; especially since age apparently is not an issue when running for President.

Fortunately though, at the end my diabolical scheming didn't work. Hopefully, Hill's won't either.


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KC said...

Dre, I think you're on to something. After seeing the landslide in West Virginia and how she keeps droning on and on about how she's the only one who can capture swing states, she isn't going down without a fight.

FYI: If Obama is supposed to be Apollo, I hope you don't mention what happened in Rocky IV...

Anonymous said...

Don't blame Hillary because Obama can't get it together.

Hillary '08 AND '12!

Andre said...

Winning the popular vote. Winning the electoral college vote. Winning the most superdelegates. Snagging endorsements left and right. Securing over 1.5 million sponsors.

Yep. Obama clearly can't "get it together."