Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The real Dream Team

Senator John Edwards has finally resolved the mystery of who he'd endorse when he came out for Barack Obama. Though Edwards is not of superdelegate status, having this endorsement is a major boost for the Obama camp. It's conceivable that the 18 delegates earned by Edwards during the Democratic nomination will move over to Obama; furthering the likihood of Sen. Obama gaining the party's bid. This obviously is not set in stone; considering that Edwards' pledged delegates were only pledged to Edwards. Still, I don't think that anybody in the Obama camp will turn him or his delegates away.

I have my theories about this development. I suspect that Obama already knew about Edwards' endorsement well before the West Virginia primary. Speculating a major loss (which did, in fact, come into fruition), I think Obama deliberately waited until now to make the announcement. What better way to stop the bleeding and steal the thunder away from a major victory by Hill than to use the endorsement of one the most heavily sought politicians in America. Besides that, Edwards -- with his Southern accent, perfect hair, and son-of-a-mill worker upbringing -- is a perfect candidate to get those "white, hard working Americans" to the polls.

I've always thought that John Edwards would be a perfect Veep. I think he'd even make a great president. Maybe this endorsement is a step in that direction.


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The H.C. said...

Hey Dre,
I hate to dash your hopes of a Obama/Edwards ticket, but you really need to read this piece As much as I hate to admit it...this guy is right. Maybe she'll take the $20 million she's in debt to go away. At this point, I would contribute.
P.S. Bill Richardson would be a better choice. He would help with Barack's problem with Hispanics and would most likely deliver Texas, Oklahoma, certainly New Mexico where he is very popular. Edwards just doesn't bring much to the table.

The H.C. said...
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The H.C. said...

I'm going to try one more time, I don't know why it's not giving it all.

If this doesn't work then google the piece "If Clinton Wants VP, Obama Can't Stop Her" by Bob Beckel

Andre said...


Beckel makes a convincing argument; but only to the extent that some of the superdelegates (I'm not so sure on "most" of them) have some history and loyalty to the Clintons. I also agree that Hill has a ridiculous amount of followers who would foolishly side with McCain if voting for Obama was the alternative. But I just don't see Hillary ever settling for the Veep gig (unless, of course, she has plans to off Obama in his sleep or something).

I guess she could always take another stab at the office in 2012; what I've predicted anyway. But would she able to run if Obama decided to go for reelection?

heiresschild said...

i do love the real dream team. a good looking team, i might add. one thing's for certain, hillary should definitely NOT be Obama's veep.