Thursday, May 01, 2008


The more I think about Hillary and her "tenacious" campaigning, the angrier I get. Hypothetical question for you:

If Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton switched hats; where he was running out of money, losing in pledged delegates, dropping the ball on what was once considered a coronation, and pulling foul antics against a fellow Democrat, do you think he would've still been in this race?

Even if Hillary steals wins the nomination, the fact that she has been fueled by her sense of entitlement (whether that be race, wealth, or legacy) has been apparent. And disgusting.

I will never, Ever, EVER vote for another Clinton. Not even if it was George Clinton. And I loved Atomic Dog.


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Kenya said...

If the roles were reversed, I'm pretty sure that Obama would've felt the pressure from the DNC to do what's "best" for the party and withdraw from the race. Why they haven't stood up to Hillary is a mystery to me.

Anonymous said...

Whether you like it or not, people are CLEARLY voting for Hillary. She's won all the major states as of now. Why should she be expected to drop out? It would be crazy to do as well as she has been doing (your Obama bias aside) and gain so much support only to drop out just because a few people don't like her.

Hillary '08!

Cynthia said...

While we're talking about candidates, let's look at spouses:

If Michelle Obama commited adultery/lied under oath (like Bill Clinton) or was outed for drug addiction/theft (like Cindy McCain) or Barack Obama would've never even made on the ballot in the first place. So much for Obama having so-called "prilege".

KC said...

Hillary Clinton is a elitist, self-delusional sociopath. Bottom line.

Half of the country's Dems supporting her is downright scary. Almost as bad as over half the country re-electing our current Commander In-Competent.

The H.C. said...

@ Anonymous,
What isn't CLEAR, is why? Do you WANT to go into a brokered convention that can only end in a sharply divided Democratic Party and most likely a repeat of the 1968 convention with a Republican win? Do you like the idea of a candidate that thinks that the Michigan vote was FAIR? Do you not see the danger in someone that doesn't care about the true tenets of our democratic voting system as long as she wins? Remember, it's not just the fact that you get to vote that makes a true democratic system. They had voting in Iraq (during Saddam), Cuba, and North Korea too, and they all resembled Michigan's vote in one very important way. One where the outcome was guaranteed for one candidate through manipulation of the system. If this doesn't bother you when Clinton does it...don't complain when the Republicans try it at some future date.

The H.C. said...

Good Post Dre!
For further insight into the kind of foreign diplomacy we would get under Ms. Clinton, check out this story-

Anonymous said...

theHC said...

"Do you WANT to go into a brokered convention that can only end in a sharply divided Democratic Party and most likely a repeat of the 1968 convention with a Republican win?"

That will DEFINITELY happen if Obama is the nominee. Michigan and Florida are won by Hillary, along with most of the major states in the country. Yet she runs the risk of not winning the nomination! How fair is that? Her margin against Obama is setting more and more narrow by the day. Also, Obama has clearly shown that his speeches are not an indication of how well he'd do in a general election; let alone in office. Hillary has shown far more truth and backbone that people can't handle -- so they call it dirty politics. She is emerging once again, and people can't take it.

Anonymous said...

And if you think the popular vote and the number of pledge delegates should work against Hillary, even Howard Dean is now urging the superdelegates to select based MORE on electibiilty. She has it. Obama doesn't.

Kenya said...

Riddle me this, Mr. Anonymous: If the popular vote or the pledged delegates shouldn't matter, what exactly do you and Mr. Dean mean by "electibility?"

KC said...

Anonymous Hillary fan, are you smoking somthing? You'll have to explain to me how a person who lost 11 (or was it 12) contests IN A ROW, has absolutely ZERO chance of securing the pledged delegate lead, waning in the popular vote, and has no money should still be able to run. Her sticking around will ensure that a Republican will be back in office by next year.

The H.C. said...

"Michigan and Florida are won by Hillary"
Couldn't help but notice you ignore the corrupt nature of both of those elections. Most likely due to the indefensable nature of her wins.
"Hillary has shown far more truth"
Surely you jest. She had to have her face surgically frozen just so she could tell all those lies with a straight face. Yikes! Watch out for those snipers!!
"And if you think the popular vote and the number of pledge delegates should work against Hillary"
The popular vote doesn't matter? At least when the Republican pulled that they had the Constitution to back them up.
Pledged delegates don't matter? Why even have a primary then?
Dictator-for-life Hillary rerun eternally through fixed elections voted on by only superdelegates? This is the America you invision? Loopholes in the 22nd Amendment?
Dynasties? Fixed elections? Are you sure you know what country your in?

Anonymous said...

It's obvious to me that this is a hopelessly pro-Obama crowd. But I think you're all wrong. When it comes to picking somebody who can take it to the Republicans, I'm sorry: but Obama is not the one. Whether you agree with Hillary's position and her campaigning or not, she's our last chance at ending this Republican nightmare.

Andre said...

Dude, I don't think people are trying to gang up on you. Sheesh.

For me, I just don't like Hillary. I don't like what she represents. I don't like what she's become on this campaign. I don't like the dirty games she's been playing against a fellow Senator and Democrat. I don't like the negative influence she's had on so many other people. She's a poison to the race and she refuses to see the error of her ways. Those are the worst kinds.

Support her if you want. That's one of the beauties of democracy. You're free to roll with whomever you see fit. But if she wins, you'll rue the day you started supporting her. That, I'll guarantee.

heiresschild said...

good post and good comments. i'm in total agreement with everyone except Anonmymous.