Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Gator raid

Sigh. I hate being a man of my word.

I promised my boy Aldo that if his beloved Florida Gators won it all, I would write a stirring tribute to them. Well, they did win (nay, they completely dominated), so here I am: eating my words again.

As if getting decimated in the BCS championship game wasn't enough, the Ohio State Buckeyes were completely devoured by the defending NCAA Men's College Basketball Champs, the University of Florida Gators. Although UF only won the contest by nine points, the game was much more out of reach than the score indicated. Simply put, Florida had their way -- in the second major championship game this year -- with OSU. In so winning, Florida became the first team in sixteen years to win the championship back-to-back.

There's your 'stirring tribute', Aldo.

To steal a little thunder from comedian Bill Maher, I'd like to establish my own New Rules.

New Rule
: Ohio State teams must stop trying to beat Florida and leave the job up to the boys in the Maize and Blue.

Congrats Aldo. From the NBA Finals to the BCS championship, to the NCAA championship; it might be safe to say that Florida buys...I mean...uh...has the best athletes in the country.

Let the basking begin.


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"sydney" said...

Ok, I must be slow...The NCAA is over?

Shows you how much I know about College basketball.

Hey Andre, have you figured it out yet, or are you still clueless :)

Greeneyes said...

Andre~ My Greeneyed King

wonderful to see you are a man of your word! tee hee


ajbendaƱa said...

Lmao! That was a good post.

The funniest part was about leaving the gator beating to the Mazie and Blue.

The only critique i will make is that the Title should have been Hator raid! 2 in a row baby! I dont think I have had a better two years in sports and it might not be over.

UF = Mecca of College Sports

Will Luongo said...

I swear you did this before... either that or I am having serious deja vu.

Andre said...

@ Syd: Shakes my head.

@ Greeny: Sometimes being a man of my word is not without it's humbling consequences. But thanks (for the sarcasm, smartypants).

@ Aldo: Far be it for me to begrudge you of yet ANOTHER opportunity to gloat. Until my beloved Wolverines get their acts together, I'm in no position to challenge you (or your Gators') authority.

Until we step up, I guess my guys will be your lackies.

@ Will: Yep. You heard this whole shpeel once before. Aldo has once again got a hand up on me.

Marianita said...