Thursday, March 29, 2007

More news

I started to post earlier this week, but I got a little caught up in my day-to-day hustle. Since then, my mind has gone completely blank and I can't seem to form even a semi-logical thought. So, I thought I'd just report some more random news (though I'll admit: most of this stuff is pretty old):

Congresswoman: Walter Reed scandal is "overblown"
Sometimes I wonder if our elected officials are on the same planet as we are. When submitting her take about the ongoing Walter Reed Scandal, Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) reported that the subpar conditions experienced by our wounded and maimed soliders was "overblown". So I guess that means that the US troops who actually stayed there and Washington Post reporters who exposed the story were just making things up.


Louisiana no longer drawing "Blanc"s
According to this article, Louisiana Governor Blanco's out. Apparently, she has decided not to seek another term; likely because of the way she completely flopped during the Katrina disaster. Personally, I'm glad she's not running again. She doesn't deserve the office anymore.

Now if only we could only convince Gov. Granholm to do the same. Or maybe a good recall would be in order...

House issues subpoenas in Prosecutor controversy
Despite childish squabbling from your president, the House Judiciary subcommittee recently issued subpoenas for high ranking White House officials including Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales for their role in firing eight federal prosecutors.

Lately, truth be told, I haven't been a fan of the Democrats. But I have to admit it, this time they're not messing around. I'm surprised that, even when the firings weren't illegal (I guess), the Democrats have stopped at nothing to get their subpoenas out.

Of course, Bush also refuses to budge on the issue; allowing his aides to speak "privately"; but not under oath. Hiding something are we?

Senior Aide pleads the fifth
Speaking of "hiding something", I found it interesting that Monica Goodling; senior counsel to Attorney General Gonzales has exercised her fifth amendment rights related to self-incrimination and has decided not to testify before Congress. Essentially she, like all the other key players in this scandal must have some things that they are not willing to expose.

Am I the only who thinks it's funny that the Bush Adminstration is finally starting to embrace the Bill of Rights?

Racism as a "house rule"
According to this report, black Americans are almost four times as likely to receive a high-cost, subprime mortgage when buying a home than their fellow white Americans; even if they earn higher wages and/or possess better credit scores. This surge in mortgage rates has been blamed, in part, for the alarmingly high foreclosures which are on the rise in black neighborhoods.

Keep that in mind the next time you declare that racism isn't as bad now as it once was.

CDC admits to arsenic in flouride
This article will make me think twice about the types of toothpaste I buy and how often I drink tap water. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), traces of arsenic poison can be found in flouride products and in drinking water.

This is bad news; especially considering the history of arsenic contaminations of groundwater we've experienced.

Senate passes Deadline bill
In a shocking turn of events, the Dems who I once called 'spineless' have just made me eat my words after passing a nonbinding bill requiring your president to start withdrawing troops as early as May, 2008.

Even though a presidential veto is likely to be issued against this bill (a veto which is not likely to get overturned by Congress), I have to say that this is a stunning and, frankly, unexpected blow dealt by the Dems.

What do you know? There's life on this planet after all.

Winter, 2007 hottest on record
I hope that I’m just being paranoid about this, but I believe that there is something seriously wrong with the environment. It's becoming increasingly clear that, although the Bush Adminstration and its wealthy corporate buddies have tried to interfere with research, global warming is a legitimate problem that needs to be address. These weather anomalies provide overpowering evidence that global climate shifts are in effect. After all, even the NOAA has reported that this winter was the hottest winter on record.

Here in Michigan, for example, it’s been much warmer than usual. Though there were some pretty brutal winter days this year, average temperatures have been modest and gentle. Last week, for example, we were experience disturbingly beautiful mid-70 degree temperatures as opposed to the lower 30's that would be expected for this time of year.
I wonder how things are in China, since they're getting pretty close to topping the US in global emissions.

Iraq and a hard place
A close friend of my sister and my best friend's brother have both been deployed to Iraq because of your president's mistakes. It's a pretty difficult time for us all right now. Please keep them; along with the hundreds of thousands of our troops, the Middle East, and even our enemies in your prayers. Peace!


8 "Insiders" spoke their mind. Join in...:

The H.C. said...

Hey Dre
You know I love these, It's such a chance for me to rant in ten directions at once.
1)As you know I support the DAV and I say anytime something like this happens to our disabled vets I want heads to roll in every direction.
2) Goodbye... good riddens
3)This is just more fishing. Speedy messed up by not simply saying, "They were leftovers from the Clinton administration that any other administration would have fired on day one....including Clinton's.....which did, 93 out of 94." There still are some 30 Clinton appointees left. Your right as far as I have heard, this is all legal.
4) I'm sick of the whole get the other side thing. How about us addressing some real problems, like your next point.
5) Good point. Will?
6) I'm very up on this as I live in an area with high arsenic in our wells. Near as I can tell it depends on how much, (as with anything potentially toxic) I used to work for a company that made cleaning compounds and spent a lot of time talking to our chemist and reviewing Safety Data Sheets. With most all substances, it the concentration that's the problem. You can kill a person with water or tomatoes if you give them enough. Still, it's good to keep an eye out.
7)politics, politics, sigh
8)Let me put on my tie-dyed shirt. There. Even if we aren't experiencing global warming (I believe we are) why wouldn't we want to stop doing something we know damn well can't be good for the environment? And that's not even considering the whole oil dependency thing. It time, we have the technology, let's start doing it. Period.
9)My prayers are with them. As you know, I've already lost a friend in Iraq. (Allan Moor) I have another friend my kids grew up with over there and my wife's brother's kid (my nephew). So I know the worries.
Great post Andre, I enjoyed it as always.

Greeneyes said...

Hey Handsome , how are you , great post by the way , POLITICS uh , never mind I know you are NOT running !!!!

OFF TOPIC ,,,I answered your quest about the ☺♥☺♥ and it is two comments as I was cut off , sorry for the muck up , Hope your well ,Did you get my email??
Later Green eyed KINg ♂♥♀


Greeneyes said...

Andre~ My Glorious greeneyed King♂

arsenic in flouride!!!!!!! I , re read your post and that really stuck out , I will never look at my toothbrush/paste the same again. Brushing three or more times a day can now play hazardous with my health !!!!!
it is criminal what they are getting away with !

later handsome

Anonymous said...

HC: 5) I think something we would need to see before using this as conclusive evidence would be if white people in a predominantly black neighborhood (people like me) would get similar rates.

Also, it seems to bear examination: In areas where the neighborhoods are predominantly black, but don't have the foreclosure tendencies, is the same true?

Partial information can be used to justify almost any position.

Anonymous said...

HC: 8) I believe we are experiencing global warming. But of interest is the finding that Mars is (experiencing global warming) too. How does this affect the theories from the left?

Don't get me wrong, I am a strong advocate of stewardship and environmental responsibility, global warming or no. It just seems (again) an instance of incomplete information supporting theories that may or may not be correct.

The H.C. said...

Hey Will,
I was just yanking your chain for a response on 5. I also saw that info on Mars warming. Jon Stewart even made the joke, "Now, if we can only find a way to blame it on Bush." All good humor has an element of truth. Whether it is or isn't happening or whether or not it's our fault is all mute to me. We need to lessen our dependence on oil and learn to live in harmony with the Earth.

Anonymous said...

HC: "Now, if we can only find a way to blame it on Bush."

Brilliant. I wish I would have thought of that one. Too bad I didn't.

I also think we need to be more responsible with the earth's resources, particularly Americans.


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