Thursday, March 29, 2007


Another classic Bill Maher moment. The only problem I had with his commentary was...

...that I didn't come up with it first.


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Will Luongo said...

Didn't the person who compromised the Plame thing end up being a Democrat?

Andre said...

According to federal court records dating back at early as 2003, it has been uncontrovertibly concluded that "certain high ranking members" of the Bush Adminstration compromised Plame's identity.

Of course, if you can dig up some dirt to suggest a good, old-fashioned conspiracy; I'm game!

Diane J. said...

Hey, Andre! Glad to see you surface every now and then. ;D

Hope you're doing well with your studies and your research.



Andre said...

Granny Di! How've you been?

"Surfacing" is a good word. That's exactly how it feels sometimes. The work's coming along well. But between that, my job, and classes, sleep deprivation is starting to become a regular occurance. But nothing like when your 'Peanut' will finally arrive!

We can keep each other company at 2 in the morning when we can't get any sleep. :)

The H.C. said...

Will and Dre,
You should both know from reading my posts on this that it was Richard Armitage that outed Valerie Plame confirmed not by ONE of the players, but by ALL of them. Judith Miller said she heard it first from him and so did Bob Novak and Bob Woodward, she went to jail specifically for refusing to answer whether she had talked to Scooter Libby about Valerie Plame, not whether that's where she heard it first. Richard Armitage was Condi Rice's Deputy Secretary so he was in fact a " high ranking member". This is the most convoluted dog and pony show since Whitewater. Here's as far a left confirmation as I could find of what I'm saying; Also Bill's assertion, and by the way nearly everyone's, that not finding evidence is the same as it's not being there can easily be proven shady at best. I just stuck my head out the door here in Flint and looked around for a good 5 minutes, I saw NO evidence of racism, drugs, or crime. Therefore, by that logic the Bill and Joe Wilson adhear to, there must not be any. Bill is a comedian, and therefore feels no need to consider facts, and it usually shows.
P.S. I felt VERY vindicated when NPR, MSN, and CNN all suddenly knew the name Richard Armitage only after the Libby trial was over, clearly demonstrating the need to clear the record.......after it no longer mattered.

The H.C. said...

P.S.S. Before you think I suddenly turned right read my next post, I'll have it up tommorrow.