Monday, March 26, 2007

In the money

What's up party people?! Sorry I haven't been around lately. Things have been a little hectic for a brotha (But seriously: what else is new?!).

Just to give you an update: I'm happy to say that my research has taken a good turn. I've been awarded a grant to help support my research! The sponsoring agency is the Consortium of Social Science Associations (COSSA); a non-profit organization who promotes various opportunities to support research in social and behavioral sciences. As a caveat, recepients have to present their work at the American Educational Research Association conference in Chicago next month.

Maybe Bishop Leroy Thomson's proclamation that "Money cometh to me now" doesn't sound so ridiculous after all.

You know, on second thought; yeah it does.


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Malik said...

Get out! Me and my wife are gonna be at that conference. You'll have to e-mail me info about your presentation. Maybe we can hook up for dinner. And congratulations!

JOSLYN said...


I'm so happy for you!!!!

I guess God was hearing your prayers after all...

On second thought, I have been praying for you. Sorry, he still just hears mine. :)

Love ya, man and Congrats!!!!!

Andre said...

@ Malik: 'Tis a small world, brotha! You're going to AERA?! Sweet!

I haven't actually submitted my proposal yet because (1) I'm lazy and (2) I'm not sure if I'll be in attendance. I've got an exam on the Wednesday of that week, and another symposium where I'll presenting earlier in the week. So at best I'll be able to spend a day there. I'm working out my schedule to see how it fits. I'll let you know either way.

@ Jos: Thanx lady. I'm still convinced that God only listens to you. So I'll have to borrow your prayers from time to time.

The H.C. said...

Congatulations My Friend!
It's about time someone realized the talent that we all know was always there. I'm still warning you, when your rich and famous I want to meet at least one of your famous friends or I will drink cheap beer on your lawn.

Greeneyes said...

Congatulations Andre~
My Handsome Greenyed KING!!!!

All your hard work is finally going to start to pay off and you deserve it , I wish you every happiness , good fortune and your hearts desire , it is wonderful news . (Doing happy dance for you , join me *WINK*)
and don't forget your adoring fans , LIKE ME!!!!!
Congrats MR Brain xo

~~~~~~~~~~BIG HUGS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

PS left comment for you on last post .:0)

ajbendaña said...

Congrats Andre, You deserve it.

Just like the gators deserve another tittle (knock on wood.) So are you gona have another gator tribute post if and when we win? Go Gators!!!!!!!!

Andre said...

@ HC: Thanks brotha. I don't think this is a credit to 'talent'. I just think they were trying to shut me up (I feel like Andy on Shawshank Redemption when he was soliciting state allocations). But I appreciate your kind words nonetheless. I'm humbled.

But not so humbled that I'd think twice about calling the cops on you if you hung out on my lawn...

@ Greeny: My grant isn't massive or anything like that. It's just enough to buy some qualitative software I need to code my data and a little extra for travel. Nothing to do cartwheels over. All the same, thanks eternally for your wonderful support. It means LOTS!

I got the eCard, by the way. Very funny...

@ Aldo: What's up dawg? It's been a while. If your Gators do their thing (which -- I hate to admit -- looks like they will), I'll come up with another stirring tribute. This one shouldn't be as difficult to write, though: since it didn't come at the expense of my beloved Wolverines.

By the way, are you married yet?

Greeneyes said...

Andre ,My Greeneyed Handsome Smart intersting KING !

Nuff kissing up ? Nahhhhh , your sweet as well !

As far as your grant not being a HUGE Success , success is success is success !!! in any form and should always be celebrated or how can we define it from the Norm!

You worked hard , you deserve it and more ,so I shall contiue my happy dance for you , stretching out my hand for you to join me , `hey` the lights are low no one is watching ,come on , you know ya wannnna! LOL .

Have a great day Andre~
God Bless

"sydney" said...

Congratulations, Andre. See, all of thoes degrees truly paid off :)

Don't forget me, when you become the chancellor of a major college!

"sydney" said...

I meant those......sleep is needed

ajbendaña said...


Not till I am older than 30.

Andre said...

@ Greeny: Let it be known that under NO circumstances will you ever...ever...ever see me dance. Not even money is powerful enough to make do it.

Good try, though.

@ Sydney: Thanks for the compliments. I hope that I can get you to attend my college in the future. :)

Also, if I may ask: do I know you?

@ Aldo: Sorry, dawg. I just remembered that at last convo you were going through a Lover's Lament stage. I was hoping that you either snapped out of it or got married to the girl already...

Michigan = 2007/2008 BCS Champs

Greeneyes said...

~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~~
I Tried , sniff sniff
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~

"sydney" said...

Andre, you are so clueless :)

Joslyn said...


Andre said...

@ Greeny: How did you do the heart thing?

@ Sydney: This will come to me soon. Give me a clue.

@ Jos: What the hades is so funny?

Joslyn said...

YOU are what's so funny. *he he*

"sydney" said...

Come on Andre, you should know this one, which is why I can't give you any clues...

Ok...Just one.

I have a computer...heh heh heh

Andre said...

@ Jos: Was it the Bishop Thomson reference? 'Cuz fakes like him and that Hip Hop Bishop dude always make me laugh too.

@ Sydney: You have a computer?! Uh...that's a lotta help. And all this time I thought you were mailing your responses to my blog. Thanks for the clarification.


Joslyn said...

This is sooooo amusing




It has absolutely NOTHING to do with your post.....

Clueless is right

*Snickers and runs out*

KC said...

Congratulations on your work, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Andre ~ My Greeneyed KING

It is my heart , you stomped it by not dancing with me
actually it was on another bloggers comment and I asked if she minded if I copy and pasted it ,(NO PROBLEM) but I dont know her and how she got it or from where ,I tried from the character map ®Ωšš۞۩♀♀☻☼♫♫♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Greeneyes said...

whoops got cut off before I could sign in or finish ,! drat

◄ ► ▲ ▼ ♀ ♂
I found it on my own HERE!!!!
I tried the character map under programs ,accesories,systmems tools ,(character map) and the one I chose was Arial under advanced view and VOILA ,,,,,it is there ,,, there are plenty different ones I like these best , and letters come up plain but the little pics come up , there you go . now send me your heart HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Andre said...

@ Joslyn: If you're not gonna tell me what's funny, you should at least do me the justice of not laughing. Damn!

It feels like a booger is hanging out of my nose and everyone knows about it but me.

@ KC: Thanks brother. It's much appreciated.

@ Greeny: I think you've got too much time on your hands. :)

Greeneyes said...

whats up with that??? to much time ^%$*&@%#^,what else is a girl to do at three AM ?

..... \ | /.....
......(@ @).....

signed ,
Easily wounded!