Monday, March 12, 2007

The Name Game

Ever since I've started blogging, I've seemingly wrote just about anything I could thing; from religion to politics, relationships to miscellaneous news; community to race relations. Quite often, I'd talk about something that only a few people could speak to or showed even remote interest in. But I'm hoping that the following activity is something in which everyone can freely participate.

To be blunt, I need a new name for my blog.

I didn't realize that there were so many "Inside so-and-so's Heads" around the 'net. Since I'm supposed to be committed to uniqueness and intelligentsia (or, least, my version of it), I think it starts with brand recognition. I mean, Malik's got his "Struggles Within". The Hippie Conservative has a pretty distinctive ring to it. Will's Mea Culpa says it all. I think I need a new stage name.

Any suggestions?


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Greeneyes said...
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Greeneyes said...

Glorious Handsome intelligent King land !!!!!! wink*
come on it is the truth and has a little ring to it ! rolls right of the tongue , LOL

In time I will think of a suggestion to pen your kaleidoscope of uniqueness ,,,,,,,hope you get many ideas .Goodluck .

God Bless

Perez said...

I have an inside blah blah blah blog. I find your blog interesting....I like how it seems as if you say what are really thinking, which is some times rare. I hope you find your new name. I can not help because if I did, well then it would not mean it was yours.
Take care

Kim said...

How bout "Tank's Truth".
**inside joke**

HeiressChild said...

haven't thought of anything for your new name, but wanted to say i do like my "heiress to the throne." thanx. hope you're all well from your cold.

The H.C. said...

Hey Dre,
After giving this considerable thought, (for someone with ADHD) I've come up with; (Andre, hit me with a tight drumroll please) "Andre's Axioms". Thank you, I'll now pause while you all run for your dictionaries.

Joslyn said...


Sorry about the few responses but, generally speaking, intellectuals aren't usually very creative. I mean, we can't have it all...


HeiressChild said...

hey HC, how'd you know what i would do? i keep my dictionary right next to my computer for times just like this. and you know what? i think that's an excellent name.

Andre said...

@ The comment deleted guy: Well, forget you too. *Joking*

@ Greeny: "Glorious, Handsome, Intelligent, King land." Not bad. But a little too long. Ha!

@ Perez: Thanx for the compliments. I suppose you're right about not helping out. If it's my blog with my rants/reflections/thoughts, it should be my responsibility to come up with a name.

@ Kim: Not funny. See...That's why nobody likes you. That, and because you were the always the favorite and never got a degrading nickname. Meke = Cooch. Robin = Fat fat/peaches/Robinhood (sorry Robin, couldn't resist). Toe Joe = Toe Joe (I can't remember his real name). Me = Tank. Kim = the favorite without an embarrassing nickname.

@ Heiress: I guess I could be the 'heir to the throne', but I wouldn't wanna fill tabloids with rumors that you and I had some strange, freaky thing going on behind closed doors.

@ HC: I get the axiom idea. But if a person has to have a dictionary by his side to follow me, I'm screwed. I mean, who in their right mind does that?! It's bad enough that I bore most of the audience to death. Good try though.

@ Jos: No worries. I'm drawing blanks too. Oh well. I guess I'm just another pretty face.

@ Heiress:
"But if a person has to have a dictionary by his side to follow me, I'm screwed. I mean, who in their right mind does that?!

Uh. Never mind.

KC said...

I think I'm partial to "The AMBM"

Angry, Militant, Black Man. Has a nice ring to it.

The H.C. said...

Hey Heiress,
Because although I knew the word, I had to go to mine to be sure how to spell it and that it meant what I thought it meant. Thanks for your vote. H.C.= 1

P.S. I have a dictionary and a copy of the U.S. Constitution next to mine.

Andre said...

@ Greeny: Sorry! I didn't know you were the comment deleted guy (girl) until later. ;-)

My bad...

@ KC: Just because I believe that we should abolish racist institutions like the Electorial College, form a new progressive political party for Black folks, overthrow the current capitalistic system and replacing it with a system that allows for collective ownership of industry, give U.S soliders payoffs for their service from Iraqi oil revenues, finally admit that we have a staggeringly dim-witted President, acknowledge that black people need to turn off BET and pick up a book, religion is dangerous, stop acting like Reagan DIDN'T creat the terrorism we're facing now, and accept that fact that Oprah is bad for black America doesn't make me militant.

Andre said...

@ HC: I stand corrected. There are at least two nerds who peruse through my blog.

The H.C. said...

Ummm, yes it does. (H.C. acts puerile and then wonders how he knows that word)

KC said...

You? Not a militant? Right. What was I thinking?!

Andre said...

@ HC & KC: Haters.

HeiressChild said...

Andre, you are too funny.

ok HC, now that i've looked thru my dictionary once again to look up puerile...i don't mind looking up words because it helps me increase my vocabulary. i keep a thesaurus also, but the constitution? now that's a new one.

The H.C. said...

Hey Heiress,
I also have the full text version of the Federalist Papers, transcripts of the Nixon/Kennedy debates and the complete collection of every bit of music ever recorded by Robert Johnson. In short, I had to join a rock band, grow my hair long and start smoking pot so the cool kids would stop beating me up.

The H.C. said...

Haters? I'm just trying to help you help yourself. It's that portrait of Huey Newton in your office and the camo you keep wearing to work that's giving you away.

Marianita said...

How about:

A nerdy dude, really educated
A nice diary of rugged energy

You're not nerdy, by the way. I was just trying to come up with a good A.N.D.R.E.acronym...

I'll let you know if I think of something good.


"Inside Andre's Head" is just fine if you ask me. Seeking originality to great lengths is, in and of itself, cliche as hell.

If you're hell bent on changing the name, how about "BLOG"? Simple and minimalistic!

Anonymous said...

I think "Inside Andre's Head" works well.

But the irony of this statement: 'we should abolish racist institutions like the Electorial College, form a new progressive political party for Black folks' makes me shudder.

Andre said...

@ HC: The "cool kids" were just the positive side of The Force trying to stop you from being seduced by the Dark Side. Fortunately, it worked.

Sort of.

@ Heiress: I should've warned you about the Hippie Conservative. Most of the time when you talk to him, you'll need a copy of the Constitution, U.S. Census Bureau, Labor Statistics, and a Wall Street Journal handy. And that's just when you converse with him over a blog. It's even worse in person.

@ Mari: Playing the alphabet soup game for my blog. Interesting idea. If I were only that creative...

@ Will: It’s no secret that the Electoral College; under the auspice of the infamous 3/5 compromise allowed for southern legislators to use their slave population to increase representation in Congress; which then allowed for slavery to live on for years. Don’t blame me. I’m just the messenger.

As it relates to the progressive political movement for blacks; I think I should clarify something: I didn’t mean to imply that the movement should be exclusively for blacks. Rather, it should be lead by blacks. I’m sick of black folks blindly subscribing to the nonsense of Democrats just because they’re...well...Democrats. Black folks not only make up a significant consumer base, but we have the potential (if we get off our assess) to make some real marks politically. It’s just too bad that Democrats, as a party, have our undivided and undeserved support and affection.

Anonymous said...

Andre: I might be wrong, but I remember that happening a while ago. One might argue that we have gotten rid of all those people that were involved, so you can be satisfied with achieving one of your goals.

Your clarification is appreciated, and much needed. I think we need a political party where the interests of the oppressed are aired. I don't care what color the leaders are.

All this being said, since I agree with many of your statements, does that make me an angry, militant black man as well?

Andre said...

Aside from it being a ridiculous way to select a President, the Electorial College has less-than-favorable roots. Since it was an institution that was backed (and fed) by racism, it needs to go; along with Jim Crowism, segregation, and all other despicable institutions upon which this country has benefitted.

You're right about protecting the interests of all of the voiceless and marginalized folks in our society. You're even more correct in recognizing that it goes beyond color. But, I'm most critical of my black brothers and sisters (since I'm one of 'em) for our behaviors; which impact the whole race (in this case, it's the practice of blindly following Democrats). If there's one group who's been completely ignored until election time, it's black folks. Somewhere down the road, we need to wake up.

By the way, yes; you are an angry, militant, black man. Welcome to the club...