Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Now in stores: The iRack

My sister just sent me this clip. It's frickin' hilarious. But sadly, it's also true. Enjoy.


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green eyes said...

My Greeneyed King,

LMAO Thanks , hope all is well Inside Andre~ Head .God Bless


KC said...

They made a complete fool out of the Bush Administration with this parody. Funny as hell!

thehc said...

Sad to say I was almost half way through it before I caught on. I thought it was a parody on the iphone. Yep, '0l H.C. ain't as quick as he used to be. Funny piece though, once you get the joke. Feeling might slow 'bout now. Been sick...yeah, that'll be my excuse.

Andre said...

@ Greeny: Minus the mental challenges that come with trying to give your blog a new name (thereby recreating one's identity), I think I'm OK. The cold is pretty much out of my system and my attempts to play catch-up at work and in class are paying off. This week.

Thanks for the concern.

@ KC: It's funny until you realize how true it is; and how many people have died (and will die) for the stupidity and stubborness depicted.

@ HC: Uh...welcome to 2007, Hipster. I hope you enjoy your stay. Sheesh...


HeiressChild said...

this was sooooo funny. just the skit, not the meaning and seriousness behind it. i wonder if the white house has a copy yet.

Greeneyes said...

Andre~ My Green eyed cutie ,

glad to hear your feeling better , was worried there for a bit , glad things are working out for you at present ,and you are a very intelligent man , dont force it , it will come ,the name of your blog is bouncing around in all that (extra)grey matter , give it time LOL

Ps. by the way (nice pic of you in car/van in N'awlins, great face,fabulous eyes )later handsome


Cynthia said...


As you said: funny, but sadly true. When will this administration get it? Maybe the better question: WILL they get it?

HeiressChild said...

cynthia, unfortunately, no they WON'T ever get it.

also, the president did give his answer on youtube on the same page.