Thursday, March 08, 2007

Photos from Naw'lins

Hi all,

I've been a little under the weather this week so I haven't had much of an internet presence. But I have had the chance to stop by occassionally to check out the comments from the previous post. Thanks to you all for your spirited insight!

As promised, I've been able to gather Alternative Spring Break pictures from my own collection and from a few of my fellow travel mates (thanks guys!). To check them out, click here. I hope this gives you a visual sense of what we experienced and what's still going on in New Orleans today. As you'll be able to see from the photos, there is still much work that needs to be done.

Feel free to stop by my photo album often, as I'll be adding more pictures as they come to me. Until next time...


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The H.C. said...

Hey Dre,
Absolutely fantastic photos. What a great bunch of Americans (including you). It's shameful to see so much is still undone in N.O. but it's absolutely encouraging to see people like you out there willing to help. Is it any wonder I have so little faith in government but so much faith in people? I really believe, if we did more to glorify people like those in your group, encourage people to stand up against crime and bad behavior, and spent our immense resources helping them to do it, a lot of our problems could be solved. Great post & pics Dre, I hope your feeling better.

Greeneyes said...

Andre~My green eyed handsome KiNG

wonderful pictures , so much destruction, I cannot imagine what the people who lived there went through , it chills me to see some of the pics , my heart goes out to those who were touched by this horrible event, and I think you and those with you are brave caring souls who need a HUGE THANK YOU for helping .It is a great thing .

The pics with you in them are my favs LOL but you know why !!!!
Hope your feeling much better handsome ,now I must go and copy and paste you ,,LOL !!!!!!Get some rest
, will be Thinking about you
God Bless

Andre said...

@ HC: Hey Hipster. No thanks to the FDA, I'm doing fine. Thanks!

Thanks for the compliment on the photos, though most of the credit goes to one of my travel mates. She's a photo journalist and was able to take some absolutely INCREDIBLE shots (versus my rinky dink digi and my PDA/cell phone shots).

I learned; a long time ago; that the government only claims to be ostensibly committed to the needs of the people they represent. In reality, they operate in the interest of those for whom profit is generated and favors are curried. The idea that we are the government is a fallacy used to endoctrinate us with a failed sense of nationalism from the womb. But each time the government fails us (and YES, this was a failure even when conditions may be better than they are in Indonesia, Iraq, etc.), I think we get closer and closer toward realize how screwed up they are.

Nice post on Granholm, by the way.

@ Greeny: Hey my green-eyed queen: I was in love with many of the pictures that we captured also. My favorites were:

(1) the destroyed church, which proved to that one lady (who said God was punishing to city) that it rained on EVERYBODY, not just the "sinners"

(2) The pictures of the house debris: To me, these told some many stories of the voiceless victims

(3) The "Thank you Jesus" sign; which showed me that -- even in Katrina's face, people are rejoiceful.

Each one captures a particular dynamic of the disaster that the media can't. It was an amazing experience.

There were also a few incriminating photos of me that deliberately left out. No way will you EVER see those! LOL!

Joanne said...

Thanks for sharing your incredible stories and for the terrific stories. Based on what I saw, it's clear that more work needs to be done. But thank God that the world has souls like yours who are willing to assist others any way you can. You'll be blessed for this!

Greeneyes said...

Andre~ My Greeneyed HUNKY KING

Come on now , you cannot leave me hangin like that , your adoring fans want a peek , at the good bad and NEVER Ugly PICS ,,,,,,,peeeeerty please with sugar LOL
email me ,I wont hold them against you..... LOL


Andre said...

@ Joanne: Thanx for your comments. I agree. There's still much to be done. Its a shame that we're the only ones who see it.

@ greeny: Not a chance!!! :)

Greeneyes said...

Andre~ My Greeneyed KING
You cant blame a girl for trying LOL (ear to ear )
feel free anytime to send them along tee hee

Hope your back up and running , feel better HAndsome

God Bless