Tuesday, December 12, 2006

On my way

Rejoice and be glad!

I successfully defended my thesis proposal and it was approved! Now comes the hard part: applying for grants.

Nevertheless, life is peachy again...


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Cynthia said...

Congratulations Dre! What's your thesis on?

I was thinking about trying graduate school but the idea of heavy classloads and a thesis scare me.

I'm curious. What do you have to do to defend your thesis?

The H.C. said...

Hey Andre,
Let me be the first to say, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hard work and talent is an unbeatable combination! You deserve everything you get and I for one am as proud as if you were one of my kids. (although I'm not THAT old) Don't forget us poor folks, when your kickin' it down in 90210.

The H.C. said...

Damn, Cynthia beat me by seconds, curse my slow typing.

Joslyn aka JD said...

Andre! Congrats!

For those that don't know, Andre is the smartest, nerdiest person in the world (my role model)

I'm soooooo proud of you! Congrats!!!

Andre said...

@ Cyn: Thanks! I appreciate it!

The title of my project is: "Nihilism toward 'the system': An examination of third party perceptions of the policing and judiciary process involving minorities"

If you're asking for advice, I'd say to go for it. I think that anybody with enough acumen to get a four year degree should be able to get a post-baccalaureate. At least that's how I feel...

The process probably varies by institution, but for my defense I met with my professor, my faculty advisor, and the program chair. They essentially grilled me on specific criteria (my hypothesis, research design, methodolgy, sampling stragety, what results I anticipate, etc.). They determine whether or not the project is reasonable based on how well I can articulate it and how practical the research is. But, trust me: the hardest part is getting passed the initial nervousness.

@ HC: Thanks Hipster. For once, I didn't have to show any leg. I'm excited about getting to work. I might have to use you as a reference. I mean, who knows more useless stuff that you do? My friend Joslyn maybe. But you've cornered the market on statistics, facts, and figures.

By the way, once I get rich and move to 90210, I have EVERY INTENTION to forget about you all. Hee Hee >:}

Andre said...

@ JD: Me? Smart? Uh-uhn!

Thanks dude. Just tryin' to follow in your footsteps...

The H.C. said...

WE won't forget about you though. We will find you where ever you go and park our beat-up trailers on your lawn and drink cheap beer. So don't even try it. .......USELESS??? Joslyn you reading this?? LOL

"kel" said...

Congratulations, Contrell! Now give me some money! :)

greeneyes said...

MY Greeneyed handsome SMART man!!!

whhhooo whoooooooo
that is terrific news , you must be doing a happy dance !
wonderful for you , CONGRATS ,wish my arms were longer I'd give you a great BIG hug .You must be so proud all your hard work is paying off ,now you can play a little , at least for a little while ???

I am so happy for you ,ENJOY this moment you deserve it ,fly somewhere new ,,,get it NEW !!!!!!! haha E N J O Y ,and BRAVO ANDRE~, (I shall now Bow)LOL


Andre said...

@ Kel: Thanks Davis!

By the way, you owe ME money. At least you will once you tie the knot.

Couldn't resist. Sorry.

@ Greeny: I'm doing a happy something; but I wouldn't call it dancing. We all know how well (or, should I say how BAD) I dance.

One battle is over, but the war is nowhere near being done. I've still got about a six months worth of research to conduct before I even get started writing my thesis. But I'm gettin' there inch by inch. I think that by the time I finish this, God is gonna get sick of me calling on Him!

Thank you for the vote of confidence. It means a lot!

Joslyn AKA JD said...

HEEEYYYYYYYY.......I saw what you said to HC! I don't know THAT much useless stuff!

Andre said...

Uh...yeah you do.

"Kel" said...

Damn you once again, Contrell!!!!!