Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Protect your ideas

If you never listen to another word I say, it is imperative that you listen to my tale of woe and learn from it.

It's no secret that I hate being poor. So in my efforts to get paid, I came up with a quite a few good get-rich-quick ideas; including my brilliant concept for the next big black play. But none of my ideas were as unique and income-generating as my hit song "Lick It Like a Na' Lata." Na' lata (or for you vernacular buffs,"Now & Laters"; the popular 80's candy) was going to be the one hit wonder necessary for me to earn untold fortunes. The object was simple: I come up with the most insipid and ridiculous rap song possible, add a tight beat, and watch the river of cash come flowing in. I mean, you've seen some of the nonsense on B.E.T. these days, haven't you? It was an instant hit.

But then, it happened.

I got a call from my sister regrettably informing me that some rapper named Lil Wayne came up with a song called "Lick It Like a Lollipop." I was floored. Here he is, stealing my concept and somehow going number one on the Billboard charts. This was MY IDEA!!!! I felt cheated. I felt as cheated as the Clarence Walker; the real star of the Beatles. To see his tragic story, click here. But I'm warning you: it's not pretty at all.

Stories like ours are painful reminders that you should always protect your ideas. There are some really selfish and nefarious players in this cruel game of life; lurking in the shadows waiting to rip off other people's ideas. Be on the lookout.


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Cynthia said...

Lawd, have mercy! This was the funniest thing I've ever read!

Kenya said...

Andre, you've REALLY got some problems. LOL! ;-)

heiresschild said...

you are so funny Andre! but i do take heed to your warning; that's why i always copyright my poems, and i DARE ANYONE to EVER publish one of my poems, and say it's theirs. you hear that Lil Wayne? lol!!!

for those who left comments on Andre's "Special Request" blogpost, i just posted comments back there, and thank you to each of you.

i'm off to california this saturday to help out my daughter who's expecting twins, and is now on bedrest until her due date of august 21st-31st. i'll check in whenever i can.

The H.C. said...

As a guy who has to suffer being ripped off by The Hippy Conservative (note the different spelling of hippie...that little bitch.) I feel your pain. I remember when you told me about your song and if I see LiL Wayne I will (to Quote Clarence), "Stick my foot so far up his ass his breath will smell like shoe polish."

Greeneyes said...

Greeneyed handsome man,

A little tongue in cheeks , HAHA
you are so funny , yes I got the point , but still ROTFLMBO ,

Hang in there , your fortune awaits you ,,it truly does Brainiac;)



Andre said...

@ Cyn: It may be funny for you, but I need some money!

@ Kenya, you'd have problems too if you lost out on millions of dollars. *Groan*

@ Sylv: Perhaps while you're visiting your daughter, the two of you can brainstorm on a few more get-rich-quick ideas.

Stay encouraged, my friend. :)

@ HC: If I see the Wayne character in the street, it's on.

@ Greeny: I'm glad that you can find humor in my millions of dollars being stolen. *Hmph

But I guess that when all else fails, I've got my intelligence and great looks to fall back on.

*crickets chirping*

Greeneyes said...

Why Yes you do ,Handsome Smart -ASS man ! And If all else fails ,you could always be a "KEPT MAN" .Cougars like them smart and Gorgeous, LOL

I know , enough !!enough!!!!
I shall go now , bug ya later !

☺ ♥ ☺