Monday, June 16, 2008

Obama in Michigan

In eagered anticipation my hometown of Flint, MI just got a rare treat. Sen. Barack Obama has finally brought his energy and his vision to Michigan. I suspect that Obama's visit was done in large part to "deruffle" (not sure if that's a word, but you get the point) some of the feathers that came with not having his name on the ballot during this debacle of a primary season. Besides that; as Michigan's economy continues to loom, promoting a message of change and a renewed economy could not have fallen upon more suitable ears than Michigan voters.

The video below is from his speech at Kettering University, here in Flint. Check it out.

The chaos of getting tickets to the event and my busy workday didn't lend me the opportunity to go. But I'm going to his rally later on tonight at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. I'll blog about it tomorrow if I have time.

Yes we can!


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Joanne said...

I had a hard time viewing the video, but I can get an idea on what he said.

How exciting this must be for the State of Michigan; especially embattled cities like Flint and Detroit. Go Obama!

nic said...

Bah. I wish I had known you were going down. The HC is a lush that passes out before it gets dark, which left me by my lonesome, which along w/ the anticipated standing in line, & very possible chance of not getting in due to capacity restrictions, led me to doing absolutely nothing.

I hope you said "Hi" to Al for me.