Sunday, June 15, 2008

More than just a "rolling stone"

For the fellas to whom this applies, Happy Father's Day to you. Key word: Father. Trust me when I say I know that there are a lot of "daddies" out there; but for all you real fathers who are handling your business, I commend thee.

To Dad, Demetrius, ToeJoe, and the other fathers holdin' it down; here's to you!


3 "Insiders" spoke their mind. Join in...:

Cynthia said...

Dre, this was great post to write mostly because you hit a couple of good points in a few lines. One: yes, there ARE tons of males (notice I didn't say "men") who are having babies. But having babies and raising children are two very different concepts. Secondly, even though I lost my dad before I became an adult, some of what he taught me as child I still hang on to today. So even though all fathers get is "the big piece of chicken" (From Chris Rock, LOL!), I tip my hat to the dads out there doing the thing!

Andre said...


That was a great tribute to both your dad and to all the dads out there handling their business. Thanks for sharing!

Kenya said...

Cynthia, I agree. That was a beautiful tribute to your father. I can definitely relate. My father taught me some important lessons about boys as a teen, taught me how to cook (yes, men CAN cook!), aroused my interest in learning new things by requiring me to read a new book every month, and was an incredible anchor for our family. He passed away recently, which always make this time of year hard for us. But he will ALWAYS be with me.