Saturday, May 24, 2008

Putting the ASS in Assassination

Hillary is at it again. As if her racebaiting, gender card pulling, sore loser campaign couldn't get any worse, Hillspawn has hit a new low. When asked why she refuses to drop out of a race where she is mercilessly being beaten, Clinton responded:

My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don't understand it.

I seriously couldn't make this up. Hillspawn later offerd some cheesy "what had happened was..." explanation for her comments, but to little avail. The damage has already been done. A prominent senator deliberately invoked the horrendous concept of assassination while discussing a presidential campaign. Doesn't this have the same effect as using the word "bomb" at an airport? I'm just sayin...

As to be expected, Keith Olbermann chimed in. As usual, he verbally assassinates Clinton's comments and indeed her character:

In an interesting turn of events, Bobby Jr. is urging people not to take Hill's comments offensely. In that respect, I tip my hat to Kennedy for essentially shrugging off Hillary's ridiculous and exploitative comments about his father. But to expect the rest of us NOT to make a connection between an assassination and a black man (who has received death threats himself since becoming a legitimate contender) is a bit of a stretch. She knew exactly what she was saying. But she opened up anyway. That's what makes her sociopathic comments unforgivable.

This woman is clearly soulless. Any chance she ever had of earning my respect was lost this week. I am now -- and will forever be -- vociferously ANTI-Clinton.


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Josh said...

I don't know what it is with crazy liberals. First the Daily Kos shamelessly produces that image of Michelle Obama being tortured. Now Clinton is tossing assassination into the mix.

Kenya said...

I hope that Hillary supporters see just how incediary she and her surrogates have been on this campaign. Is this REALLY the kind of leader we want for this country?

Cynthia said...

All this coming from the so-called 'victim' of this campaign.

Excuse me while I throw up.

Kenya said...

I'm with you Cynthia. Perhaps what's more disturbing about her comments (and all of her previous comments) are the condescending "apologies" she and her camp are offering. If this is the measure of a feminist, count me out.

Anonymous said...

Well where I'm the most shocked is with Hillary's supporters. If a Republican said anything similar to this, their career would've been -- pun intended -- assissinated. But most of Hillary's supporters will go to the depths of hell for and with her. They have.

Hillary 4 Prez said...

C'mon people! Give it a rest already. The only point she was trying to make was that it's not over until it's over. Anything can happened between now and the convention. That's why she's not dropping out.

Stop looking too much into everything. The real issue that we should be looking at is how so many people in the DNC and the media are SO OPPOSED to a woman being in office, that they'll do anything to tear her down. Sexism is alive and well. This campaign season continues to remind us of that.

KC said...

Maybe I just don't know as much about women as I thought, but isn't Hillary too old to be having a PMS moment?

Cynthia said...


I wish it were that simple. PMS is one thing, but the Clintons are smart, calculating, and politically astute. Nothing they do is an accident. As much as I'd like to blame her statements on PMS, this woman is simply devious.

Andre said...

@ Hillary 4 prez: If Hill curses this country and actually gets in the White House, it won't be because of me. Just had to toss that one out there.

Now to address your points:

"The only point she was trying to make was that it's not over until it's over. Anything can happened between now and the convention."

Anything...including Obama's assassination...?!?!? Is that what your girl is trying to say?

"The real issue that we should be looking at is how so many people in the DNC and the media are SO OPPOSED to a woman being in office, that they'll do anything to tear her down."

Do I really need to remind you that in the early months of this campaign, Hill was virtually crowned the ruler of the world? Leading in just about every major voting demographic, she could've put this on cruise control. But then she opened her mouth; allowed her surrogates like Slick Willy, Geraldine and Uncle Bob to open their mouths, and started tossing race and gender into the mix. She did this to herself.

I liken this to the teacher who starts her class off with an A and leaves it up to them to keep it. Hill had the nomination in the bag from the jump. It was hers to do whatever she wanted to and she dropped the ball. Can't blame anybody but herself for that one. Sorry.

Michelle said...

Hello Andre. I'm pretty new to your blog and even newer to posting comments. In most cases I like to be a casual observer. But when I feel compelled, I'll get involved in this discussion. This is one of the posts I just could not sit on.

I have become more and more of a fan of Sen. Obama lately, largely because I think he represents the kind of change (Democrat or not) that our country needs. But I was also very much a fan of the Clintons, especially Bill. The 90's were some of the best years of our lives and we have President Clinton to thank for that. However, as this campaign has dragged on and on, I have been quickly astounded and sickened at how low Hillary has sunk just to win. With her recent comments, she sank even deeper. She knew what she was saying. She, in effect, said that she is staying in the race because something could happen to Obama. We all know what that is. On top of that, you must consider that a good number of her supporters have publicly stated that they have an issue with Obama's race. Knowing that, she is clearly inciting (intentionally or not) some sort of violent, hateful backlash if she doesn't win. She should truly be ashamed of herself. No matter what happens, her reputation will be tarnished forever.

Josh said...

It's refreshing to see the liberal world FINALLY see what we've known for years: the Clintons CANNOT BE TRUSTED. Michelle, I wouldn't be so quick to give Bill the credit for the 90's boom, no more than I'd blame Bush entirely for the bust over the past several years. They both played their roles, no doubt. But the credit can't get given entirely to them.

Bill has shown that he's just as bad as Hillary. I hope you all are starting to rethink the hero label you once gave these shrewds.

Hillary 4 prez said...

I can't believe how so many people can take things so far out of context. Actually, I suppose I can. But for the sake of this discussion, I'll act like I don't know about your agenda against Hillary. If you read her quote word for word she makes absolutely NO MENTION of the unimaginable happening to Obama. Who would ever in their right minds make such a damaging and incrimidating statement?! The fact is: Robert Kennedy DID die in June and it DID take President Clinton until June to secure the nomination. How people have turned this into this discussion remains a mystery to me. Anything to bring a woman down, I see.

Andre said...

@ Michelle: Welcome to my blog. Thanks for your comments. You encapsulated my whole point in 100 words or less.

@ Josh: For once, we don't disagree.

@ Hillary 4 prez: Regardless to how you spin it, Hill's comments were deplorable and baseless. For one, unlike her campaign (which has been going on since January), Kennedy didn't join the race until mid-March of 1968. Their campaigns have nothing to do with one another. Secondly, Bill Clinton actually had the 1992 nomination won by April; not June. So -- again -- no point in referring to Slick Willy's story. She just wanted to toss those stories in to somehow justify her sticking around just in case something happened to Obama. The very thought of that is what makes your girl repulsive.

Hillary 4 prez said...

Correction: the 1992 contest DID go on until June:

Secondly, Bobby Kennedy DID stay in the race until he was tragically murdered. That's all Hillary is trying to say. I'm sorry that you and the rest of Obama's blind followers can't see that.

Andre said...

All that shows is that the inevitability of a Clinton (Bill) nomination was prolonged a bit. But the contest did not last up until the convention. Unlike some people I know, Jerry Brown licked his wounds and walked away rather than prolonging a contest which impacts the entire party.

Ellena said...

Days like today make me ashamed to be a Clinton supporter.

Anonymous said...

Terrorist = "a radical who employs terror as a political weapon"

Sound like any Senators from N.Y. we know of?

nic said...

"Anything to bring a woman down, I see."

@ Hillary For Prez: It's amusing that many Hillary supporters, yourself included, have resorted to portraying anybody against her as being anti-woman. Could the same logic be applied to your views & Obama, i.e. "Anything to bring a black man down..."? Pttht. Fail.

I'm hoping that when Obama finally gets the nod, it's a non-Clinton woman (Kathleen Sebelius perhaps?) who gets asked. It will be funny to see this growing pro-Clinton feminist movement having to eat their feet. ;)


Malik said...

I'll say this as a person who:

A) Has voted in every presidential election since he was eligible to vote, but has never endorsed, campaigned for or contributed to any candidate, at any level, on principle; and
B) Has never been, nor will ever be a member of any political party.

I don't endorse or oppose candidates, but I have serious beef with anyone, be they president or mailman, who incites racial conflict, smears Black Americans, and seeks to deny any Black person their legitimate place in the political process. Clinton supporters and Obama opponents have been doing all that and more throughout this campaign. It doesn't matter who's doing it, or what particular social category they belong to, that kind of campaigning has to stop, now. Not only is it threatening the immediate well-being of my people, it's threatening the stability of our country. Unless this kind of nonsense is denounced in no uncertain terms by everyone with a stake in the process, it's only going to get worse as the campaign season goes on, and it may stay continue for years afterward.

Hillary 4 prez said...

Nic, I don't know what universe you've been living in, but Hillary's gender has been attacked left and right. Can a woman lead? is the country ready for a woman? Hillary's playing the gender card. I've heard them all. Instead of focuses on the fact that Hillary is the MOST QUALIFIED person in this race, all you people have focused on is her gender. That's sad.

nic said...

@ Hillary 4 Prez:

"Nic, I don't know what universe you've been living in, but Hillary's gender has been attacked left and right."

And Barack is black, McCain old, Bush Stupid, & Bill a whore. So what? Just about each & every Presidential candidate EVER has been attacked for one reason or another. Why? To acquire the best man, woman, or in the case of the current administration, retard for the job. Quit crying.

"Instead of focuses on the fact that Hillary is the MOST QUALIFIED person in this race, all you people have focused on is her gender."

You're correct in pointing out that we, as responsible voters, need to focus on who is most qualified to lead this country, as debatable as that may be. However, if you reread the prior comments, nobody here mentioned the fact that Clinton has a vagina but you. Don't be so jumpy. I, & most likely many of the readers here, don't think that a woman could be President, but rather I know one can. But it isn't Hillary.


Andre said...

@ Nic: I can't top that response. That -- my friend -- was classic. But when you're dealing with people who are so adament, it's an uphill battle.