Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Putting the ASS in Assassination, part 2

During an on-air discussion on with Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer, contributor Liz Trotta jokingly endorsed the assassination of Sen. Barack Obama. This coming right off the heels of Hillary's vile and tasteless comments.

When asked about the aforementioned story with Clinton, Trotta stated that "some are reading [this] as a suggestion that somebody knock off Osama." Hemmer quickly inteceded by pointing out Trotta's intention to say "Obama" instead. From there, Trotta goes on to say "...both if we could". This was immediately followed by chuckles. See for yourself:

It's bad enough that Fox News once again put somebody in front of a camera who apparently can't seem to make the distinction between an honorable man running for the highest office in the country with the heartless person who masterminded the attacks of September 11. This is a clear attempt to undermine the legitimacy of Obama's candidacy by using associative propoganda (by name) as an imaginary link to some sort of clandestine terrorism. Accentuating the "Hussein" part of his name is another such tool. I get that. I'm angry about that, but I'm certainly not suprised.

Where I draw the line is with Trotta's contention that not only can Obama and Osama NOT be differentiated, but that they both need to be assassinated.

Trotta tried to offer an apology later:

...but like Hillary's tepid and bland apology, Trotta's apology fell upon my deaf ears.

I don't know how gaffes about killing a human being make you feel. But as for me and my house, I refuse to tolerate this any longer. Whether or not Trotta was joking is irrelevant to me. Whether or not Trotta was contrite is irrelevant to me. Yes, I may be willing to forgive the unforgivable. Yes, I'm the biggest fan there is of freedom of speech. But if I can get detained for joking about blowing up an airplane (I haven't, but you get the point), people should be brought to bear for joking about the assassination of a presidential candidate; particularly when the blood of so many other political leaders has been spilled in similar grotesque fashions.

While I have indicated that I will forever be a proponent of the freedom of speech, I've also indicated that this freedom does not necessarily provide a cloak for expressing said freedom without some level of consequence. That said, I'm following in Malik's footsteps by urging you not to go after Fox News themselves. We all know that protests are pretty pointless these days. Instead, hit them where it hurts: through their sponsors. Similar to how Gina from What About Our Daughters successfully launched a campaign against BET by calling out its sponsors; I urge you to let Fox News' advertisers know that you will not support them as long as they subscribe to nonsense "news" outlets that openly allow people to joke about assassinating presidential candidates.

I'd like to be the optimist and say that most decent Americans don't endorse -- nor are entertained by -- the lunacy that gets produced on Fox News. Still, the very existence of such lunacy is in itself problematic. Again, to deny its existence is to deny every freedom that we have as Americans. But the media must be held accountable when they choose to deviate from their journalistic responsibilites of increasing our understanding of the world and sustaining our discursive democracy instead of broadcasting the ultimate in disrespect that comes with joking about assassinating our leaders.

H/T to Malik for this story.


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Greeneyes said...

Hello Handsome greeneyes,

great read , and play on words!
Hope all is well in that big city and you are finding time for play,not all work!
God Bless ☺♥☺


Andre said...

Well hello there, my green-eyed queen. You're back! You'll have to tell me about your trip.

Sorry that we had to meet up again under these particular circumstances. Still, it's good to hear from you again. :)

God bless!

Hillary 4 prez said...

You just have a thing against women, don't you? Neither Hillary nor Liz joked about Obama being assassinated. You're joining the media as being people who would quickly coming up with accusations to smear the Clinton campaign. Is this the direction of the party?

Andre said...

Hillary 4 prez:

"You just have a thing against women, don't you?"

Maybe I've got my blinders on, but I don't see anything remotely sexist about my post. What the Hades are babbling about?

"Neither Hillary nor Liz joked about Obama being assassinated. You're joining the media as being people who would quickly coming up with accusations to smear the Clinton campaign."

One, I never said anything Hillary joking about Obama's assassination. If you go back to my first post (and Keith Olbermann's Special Comments video) NOBODY is suggesting that Clinton plans on participating and/or witnessing Obama's assassisation. I'm simply pointing out vile and tasteless she was for using that word -- in that context -- during this heated political enviroment.

As it relates to Trotta, I'll offer her the benefit of the doubt: when she was quoted saying "well, both if we could...", she could have been jokingly suggesting Hill's sentiments; that Hillary would think it's good that both Osama bin Laden and Barack Obama are assassinated. But regardless to whose sentiments Trotta was representing, the comment was still crass, inappropriate, and sickening.

As much as it may negatively impact your pseudo-feminist diatribe; my response to those horrible comments has got NOTHING to do with gender. Try again.