Thursday, May 01, 2008

Death Murder of a Madam

I just read that Deborah Palfrey, the so-called "DC Madam" recently convicted for organizing a high-class ring of prostitution in the Washington DC area has reportedly committed suicide. According to sources, she hung herself in her mother's shed in Florida a little over a month before she was set to be sentenced for her conviction.

Yeah, right.

If this woman killed herself, then I'm Nancy Reagan.

You won't be able to convince me that this woman killed herself. The truth is: I think she was taken out in a way to make it appear to be a suicide. Before I'm accused of being some conspiracy theorist loon, consider the that she was threatening to name a slew of DC politicians whom she served as clients. She stood to damage the reputations and political careers of a bunch of people. Now all of a sudden she's found dead. And we're supposed to believe it was suicide?



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J. Alex said...

Man! Is this America or is it Communist Russia? Those guys took a page right out of Putin's book: just "neutralize" the opposition.

KC said...

I've heard arguments about how women don't use hanging to kill themselves; about how they use less violent methods like drug ODing. I'm not sure how true that crap is, but I definitely don't think she killed herself.

This "suicide" is decidedly TOO convenient for a lot of people.

J. Alex said...

Absolutely man. This was a planned hit. Tony Soprano's got nothing on DC politicians.

Megan said...

Some of the facts of this case are freakishly similar to the story of Brandy Britton (the scholar by day, call girl by night) who also hung herself.

I think murder is a stretch. Sorry guys, but I think you're buying into conspiracy theories way too easily.

If a woman is determined enough to kill herself by hanging, she will. Its got nothing to do with gender. Also, if she had a "hit" put out on her, why would the culprits wait until now when she had LOTS more time to get her info out?

Conspiracy theories are fun to conjure up. But at the end of the day, most of the time that's all they are.

heiresschild said...

according to the news, she said she wasn't going back to jail, so i just figured she took that way out.