Monday, November 12, 2007

Two bear arms

If only this was the 2nd Amendment "right" the NRA was making such a big deal over. But unfortunately it isn't.

And this is usually the result.


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The H.C. said...

Hey Dre,
Uh oh, get ready for the pro-gun sermon. First off, several of the shootings your listing are not even in this country. Last I heard the Second Amendment was only in the United States Constitution and the NRA only defends it in this country. A good site to use to balance the left's agenda is Now on to the argument that outlawing guns will somehow stop this from happening. I own several guns, none of which are less than 15 years old, my oldest is over 100 years old. I don't know about you, but I'm not too happy about being unarmed for 20, 30, or a 100 years waiting for all the guns to be taken away from people who ignore the law to begin with. Furthermore, it should be pointed out that lacking guns, some people will simply turn to bombs as did the Columbine students and the worst student killing in Michigan (site; The end to my argument is simply this; every person killed at Virginia Tech would have wanted their killer shot by a legal CCW holder. Disarming the good people has never been a good answer. Sure, there are countries with better records on violence than the U.S. (mostly disarmed by Hitler), but for a century it was not a problem in this country. It's the lack of respect for guns and life in general that has caused this. My closing point is that you can expect more and more emphasis on these kind of tragities in the upcoming months. The reason? The upcoming elections and the attempt to fearmonger people into believing that the Democratic party can somehow make you safer in a world gone mad. (The Reps do the same thing with terrorism) My guns have never killed anyone and neither have the hundreds of guns that my fellow hunters and gun owners have. The problem is, and always has been people who break into my house, steal my guns, and then use them to commit crimes. How about manditory 10 year sentences for ANYONE caught with a handgun that is stolen? Isn't that who we should be directing our attention on? The criminals who do the vast majority of the killings?

Andre said...


I'll give in to at least one of your points: I've never believed that legislation against gun ownership is the way to go. All that would do is create an underground market for firearms; wherein the only real 'losers' would be the law-biding citizens. Also, you're correct in that some of the shootings on the list took place on foreign soil (still, the common denominator is the death toll created by firearms). But as I've always maintained, folks like the NRA get on my ever-loving nerves; spending every ounce of their being defending their "right" to go around packin' heat, but don't do shit about trying to figure out what can be done about limiting gun violence. I'm sorry, but the "guns don't kill people, people do" nonsense just doesn't fly anymore.

Greeneyes said...

Andre My Greeneyes!

Bravo , I agree 100% with you , and not just because you are KING LOL!

God Bles

HeiressChild said...

there's already an underground firearms market and the law-abiding citizens are sometimes the losers like the man who shot a guy trying to steal his car and was found guilty, even though he had a license for his gun and the guy was stealing his car on the man's property. not sure if the thief had a gun in this case, but most times the thieves do possess illegal firearms.

Perez said...


How have things been going with you? Your blog got lost in internet space, so I have been MIA. But moving on....


This is a topic I just posted about on Orkut. The question was about should high school students be able to have weapons.

You can read the post here

But the question was worded wrong. Gun are good, to a extent.
When I was in high school, the school was shot at for some gang reason. I know how guns take life. I am not pro-gun, I would rather live in a place where the common citizen did not have any gun. I have not done much research on this topic, so I am limited on info here. I like the idea that Chris Rock (I think that is the right comedian) said about the bullet cost a lot of money, because if you are wanted dead, the shooter will be sure to cap the right person. Okay, that sounds harsh, but there is some logic there. Guns are not the only form of violence, but violence is not the topic.

I think guns should not be held by American citizen. Keep that stuff for the police and military…..

Take care Andre-perez

Andre said...

@ Greeny: Thanx. Agreeing with me is the best thing for everybody. :)

@ Sylv: It's stories like that which make me eat my words when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. But it also makes me cringe when thinking about the farce that we call a justice system.

@ Perez: Hey you! I'm all for the $5,000 bullet bill. But all that would do is make the war in Iraq cost $9 trillion dollars at month instead of $9 billion (or whatever it is...).