Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jumping on a new ship?

Everybody knows that I'm officially done with Hillary. We can't seem to get an ounce of truth from her anymore. Yes, I've been on Team Obama for a while. But after he and a few other Dems decided to disenfranchise my vote as a Michigander, I'm not so sure I can get down with him either. Dennis Kucinich seems pretty cool; though he's a little too liberal for my liking (which makes me want to demand a recount on the Candidate Calculation I so kindly plugged on my blog. That program, of course, made me Kucinich supporter). And, of course, it's common knowledge that I can't stand the GOP. So we all know that none of those jokers could ever gain my support.

But in a strange and unexpected turn of events, I've been finding myself curiously interested in Ron Paul as a legitimate candidate for me to support. Of all the candidates on either side, he makes the most sense. For example, this clip highlights his positions on some of the more critical issues facing the country right now:

Now, it should be noted that I strongly disagree with his stance on social programs (where he wants to eliminate them altogether, while I believe they should still exist with rules and limitations attached) abortion (though not that big a deal to me since I'll never get pregnant :) ) and lower taxes (which, as far as I can tell, can't happen right now because of the mess the Bush Administration has put us is). But most of his policies -- though having traces of "traditional" conservatism -- aren't all that unreasonable to accept. His positions on smaller government, independent liberties, trade limitations, troop withdrawal, staying out of other nation's business for instance, all seem like good indicators of sound policy. Clearly, this dude is light years ahead of the other candidates; both Republican and Democrat.

This dude may very well have my vote come January; and possibly come next November.


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Josh said...

Grear article. I am a liberal supporting Paul because of his ideas on war, peace, tyranny, freedom, individuality etc... I do disagree with some of his social stances but in reality the potus has no power to change these social ideas. He does however have the power to prevent a nuclear nightmare and endless genocidal skirmishes.

KC said...

Going Republican on us, eh? I guess the only thing left for you is to become a pundit on Fox News.

Anonymous said...

why are good looking men always so FICKLE?

J. Alex said...

It might just be me, but there's something too disingenous about Ron Paul. It seems like he's trying too hard to distance himself from the GOP just to get more liberal and indepedent support, only to then go all out Conservative once elected. He's the John McCain of 2007/2008.

KC said...

I agree J. Ron Paul is just another one of those illegitate candidates who starts off as a flavor of the week and then fades into oblivion after a few months.

Dre, I recommend you pick somebody who actually HAS a chance.

HeiressChild said...


The H.C. said...

Hey Dre,
I'm with you on this one!
I had all the same objections to Dr.Paul as you did, but honestly I don't think eliminating things like the Board of Education is ever going to pass Congress anyway. I believe his beef with most of these divisions of Government stems from the fact that they weren't created Constitutionally. The point he made that really struck home for me was when he said,(about foreign envolvement) "we simply can't afford it." With our Nation Debt now at $9.8 trillion (over a 50% rise since Bushie took office), I think he's right. I also like the fact that he firmly believes that Congress should declare war and that this loading up for war and then asking Congress is B.S.. The office of the President needs to be reigned in, our debt needs to be brought under control, we need to go back to respecting the Constitution and the people's rights. Yes, I think that Ron Paul would be good for this country and at this point, I'm very seriously thinking about joining his "R(evol)ution".
P.S. What's with the "You Suck" thing? Am I not still fighting the battle?