Saturday, July 21, 2007

Old McDonald; the baby remix

My crazy nephew Landon showing us what true singing talent is. Look out American Idol!


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Kim said...

He is so funny! I love him so much! I'm not just saying this because he's my nephew, but he is the smartest baby that I've ever met in my life! This video was taken at 11 months, and he can sing and dance on beat! He also started walking when he was 10 months old. Can you say "Baby Genius". It runs in our family Uncle Andre.

ps I'm not just saying this because he's my nephew, but he is also the cutest baby that ever seen in my life!!!

Cynthia said...

OMG! This boy is so handsome! If I wasn't already married, I'd ask you for his digits. LOL!

Cynthia said...

By the way, this boy is only 11 months?! He looks like he's four! LOL. Plus, I can't believe he has the beat down like that. Except for sounding out the words, he's got the rhythm of the song down pat. He really is a smart one!

HeiressChild said...

that's how the careers get started. it'll probably be a reality show soon titled, "who's america's next baby star," and you can send in this tape.

Andre said...

@ Kim: This kid is definitely a chip off the ole block. Was he causing y'all trouble when you were down there? He wouldn't give me a moment's rest.

@ Cyn: If he's anything like his old man, he's definitely gonna be a lady's man. And, yep; he was 11 mnts in this video. That was two months ago. I can't believe how fast this kid is developing. Must be something in water.

@ Sylvia: While I would make every attempt to keep him away from the insipid nonsense on T.V. these days, the thought of him making us rich is too...

...never mind. :)

Diane J. said...

He is adorable, Andre! I'll sing back up for him anytime. ;D

Are you gonna be his agent?

Love and hugs,


PS~I didn't participate in your movie quiz because I'm movie illiterate. I only knew one of them - Coming to America, and I was guessing on that one. :-)

Joslyn said...

Landon is too cute. He let me hold him while he was in MI, and he never cried!

Your sis sent me this and I posted it on my myspace comments! Cute cute cute!

Greeneyes said...

ANdre~ My KING ,
Move on over!!! Uncle Andre ,,,Landon is HERE! He is so beautiful and Smart , yes something in the water alright in the gene POOL ,LOL
Adorable , a real treat to see, thank you for sharing .By the way is that you singing with him ??

God Bless

Kim said...

He was so much fun! A hand full! Did you get the pics that I emailed you?

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Andre,
I'm new at your blog. I got your name through Heiresschild. I hope you don't mind if I make a comment on your latest post.

We may have here the discovery of the future. He can be the future American idol. Who knows?

Kids are always lovable in everything they do. They cheer us and lighten our days.

Thanks for the very entertaining post. May I invite you to visit my blog?

God bless you with all the finer things in life.

Andre said...

@ Diane: With you and Landon as the feature acts (with a special appearace by Emmy), I'd pay top dollar. That is, of course, if you don't produce a one-hit wonder. I mean, a guy can only take so much Old McDonald.

By the way, I'm impressed that you got Coming to America. Between you getting that one correct, your down home singing, and your mad skills with soul food, I have to ask:

Are you sure you're not black? :)

@ Jos: You already know the story with Landon and his antomical interests. I'll leave it that. :)

@ Greeny: Thanx. Landon is somethin' else. He's a real treat to be around; especially if you don't like to sleep.

That was my mom in the background singing. She actually sings much better than that; but she toning it down for the kid. I spent too much of my time laughing. It was hard not to. He's that funny.

@ Kim: I don't think I got the pics. Can you send them again?

@ Mel: Welcome. As I try to warn all newcomers, it can occasionally get a little bumpy in here. But I try to keep it all civil and in the Spirit and love.

Feel free to puruse the area at your leisure. I'll definitely do so on your blog. I look forward to starting a new fellowship. Besides that, any friend of Sylvia's is a friend of mine.

Diane J. said...

My family has been in the South for many generations, Andre, so who knows what kind of blood I might have? I know I have lots of Indian blood for sure. We're all the same under the outer wrapper anyway. :-)

I do tan pretty dark, though. ;D

I saw "Coming to America" in the theater when it came out. I love Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall and it's a great movie.

Thanks for the props, by the way. You know you have to play your drums for us. I wonder what kind of riffs and rhythm runs you can come up with for "Old McDonald"? ;D

Love and hugs,


GA girl said...

Awwww! He's precious!

Andre said...

@ Di: I haven't played the drums now for about 10 months. I'm sure I'm pretty rusty.

All the same, I think I could come up with some goodies for the first and second cuts of the song.

#14 on the Billboard with a bullet!

Andre said...

@ GA: Thanks!