Monday, July 09, 2007

Baby Got Book?

An effective tool for ministry or another ridiculous example of bad church practice?

You be the judge.


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Will Luongo said...

I thought this video was hilarious when I saw it a couple of years ago. I still do.

I don't know that it should be considered a serious tool for evangelism, but I do think it is important in the sense that it shows that we can poke fun at ourselves.

HeiressChild said...

WOW! it takes all kinds, i guess.

Andre said...

@ Will: I was going to wait to see if this generated more responses before I commented. But I'm actually with you. I thought it was pretty funny. Then again, I'm a fan of gospel comedians, so it's not that unlikely that I'd indulge in this as well.

How have you been, brother?

@ Heiress: To echo Will's sentiment, I wouldn't use this as a tool for ministry, but I can at least appreciate viewing things from a lighter side. I think that being too 'stuck up' in Christ can be a pitfall. I'll be writing on that soon. Stay tuned...

saved sinner said...

Andre, to answer your question I'd say "neither." I think that you of all people can point out that our Christian walk doesn't necessarily have to be dichotimous. Not everything in the world neatly fits into the categories of right and wrong. Some things are as they are; and nothing more.

Andre said...

@ Saved: "...our Christian walk doesn't necessarily have to be dichotimous. Not everything in the world neatly fits into the categories of right and wrong."

No argument there. But you'd be suprised at how many people will choose one of the two responses if they think that's all there is to it.

Fortunately, I don't think that God functions like Sith Lords. With Him, I don't think that absolutes always apply.

Kim said...


I thought this was a little silly, but if this relates to someone on some level then God speed.

I remember when Kirk Franklin first came out with that song Stomp, I didn't like it at all. I didn't like the fact that he was mixing worldly music with a gospel message. I was very old school, and didn't want change, but when I saw young kids relating to his music it really touched me. Now I really enjoy Kirk's music. Sometimes you have to reach people where they are.

To answer your question, I like the message.

The H.C. said...

Hey Dre,
I don't know what to say about this, (a first for me). But for some strange reason it reminded me of George Carlin's "Buddy Christ" in the Kevin Smith movie "Dogma".

Andre said...

@ Kim: If you followed Elder Craig Lewis and his Ex Ministries, you would likely think this video (and other 'secular' outlets similar to this) was some sort of assault on the church. But I disagree.

One, I think it's just comedy. But two, I think that some good could possibly come out stuff like this. I think there are many examples of Christian secular stuff that can reach young (and not-so-old school) people: comedy, hip hop, rock, etc. If used correctly and with the right intentions, I think that any one of these can be pleasing in God's eyes.

Young folks today make up a rich community of people who can do great work for God. Using mediums like this can do just as much to bring them into the fold as a seventy-year old preacher hootin', hollerin', and wiping sweat in a pulput.

@ HC: I only saw bits and pieces of Dogma (I thought it was pretty boring), but I can see the connection. I guess it's the satirical element of this video that reminds me of the movie.