Saturday, June 09, 2007

Not enough " Sí " votes on immigration

Thankfully, any momentum gained for the Immigration Bill was brought to a halt this week when the Senate was unable to capture all the votes needed to break the filibuster presently before them. This ridiculous bill, if passed, would allow amnesty (let's keep it real: that's what it is) for over 12 million illegal immigrant workers without offering legimate plans for providing security along the border.

Don't get me wrong: I've got nothing against hard working immigrants who come to this country seeking opportunities not available to them elsewhere. But as I pointed out on the Hippie Conservative's compelling post about immigration's effect on Black Americans, this bill does nothing but make the piece of pie for margainalized groups (small as it already is) even smaller. This bill would've affected racial minorities, economically disadvataged people, and American workers. Frankly, I say good riddance to it. But I'm not holding my breath for this thing to die off completely considering that Congressional Democrats promise to continue the fight on. Why black folks continue to support Democrats is beyond me.

Once Congress finally gets their act together and looks into how legalized immigration will impact America, its social structure, its economy, its borders, and its people; maybe -- just maybe -- I'll start trusting them to come up with a truly "comprehensive" immigration bill. The junk they just tried to produce wouldn't be good enough to use in a bird cage.


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HeiressChild said...

hey andre, would you rather black folks support the republicans? i think whatever political party people choose, there will always be something that people won't be in agreement with. at least for me, that's the case. there's something about all of them, so i have to weigh the pros and cons with each one based on my personal beliefs and choose. yes, i'm a voter, and i encourage people to vote. at one time, black americans had no voice at all. now we do. contrary to what people believe, every vote does count. it could always be worse.

Joslyn said...


Gotta agree with ya on this one. I feel like this is just another way to squeeze us out for cheaper labour. *sigh*

Education for Black Americans is too important.

*Goes to enroll in some more classes*

The H.C. said...

Hey Dre,
You already know my position on this so I'll just say "Great Post" as always.
@ Joslyn,
You hit the nail right on the head. Seems like the Democrats should be more for protecting labor and less for courting Hispanic votes while helping meat-packing plants increase their bottom line.

Andre said...

@ Heiress: Black folks are free to follow whomever. I just think that we need to make more informed decisions instead of blindly following Democrats like their our saviors. If you dig deep enough, you'll find that Democrats and Republicans really aren't that different as it relates to how they respond to minorities. Dems are just able to package it better.

@ Jos: Beauty, brains, success. What don't you have?!

@ HC: No commentary needed. I know where you are with this.