Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lil Bush

I don't really watch TV that much any more, but I caught the season premier of Lil Bush last night on Comedy Central. This cartoon is frickin' hilarious. I haven't laughed this hard since Family Guy.

Of course -- as with anything that attacks the Bush Administration -- this cartoon is already drawing controversy. But this one's well worth it.


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JOSLYN said...

Although I can't see me watching this show, THAT CLIP WAS TOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!

The fact that you couldn't make out anything Donald Rumsfield was saying was hilarious!!

one thing: they could actually try to make Condi look like herslf. "I was like who is she?" Until he actually identified her

Andre said...

Hey Jos,

It's actually Dick Cheney who's doing the squawking, but I get your point.

Also, I knew right away that it was Condi. You probably had a hard time making the distinction because of the crappy quality of the clip. It looks like whoever made the video used some cheap camera and recorded directly from their TV.

But you're right: the show was hilarious. Had my laughing so loud I woke up my neighbor.

KC said...

*Trying my hardest not to sound like a Republican*

The show was sort of funny. But I've got a couple of problems with it. One, it's clearly biased. It pokes fun at Bill and Hillary, but you get the hint that this is an anti-Republican cartoon, not good for a vastly conservative country. Two, this has already been done before. Anybody remember "That's my Bush"? Comedy Central needs a little more creativity in its lineup.

Kim said...

This is wrong on so many levels. Very funny, but I just didn't feel right laughing.