Monday, May 28, 2007

A not-so-good salute to the nation

Before any of you "God-Bless-America-and-no-place-else" folks out there get offended by this video (*ahem, Mr. "Anonymous"), let me point out beforehand that this is a mockery of the no-talent 'divas' who often abuse the National Anthem; not the National Anthem itself. With that disclaimer out of the way, enjoy! Thanks Kim.

I wanna also wish you all a Happy Memorial Day!


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Saved Sinner said...

Thanks for the video! I saw a couple of "popular" singers through this clip.

joslyn said...


I alomst caused a scene laughing at this at work!!!


Maya Rudolph is hilarious...

But it still doesn't beat the "Prince and Beyonce" skit!

HeiressChild said...

whoa! now that's singin'! lol, just kidding, for sure! but the sad thing is some people really sing like that and think they're singin'

Andre said...

@ saved: Say no more. I'm with you on this one.

@ Jos: I can't recall whether or not I saw the Prince and Beyonce clip. But I'll look it up.

By the way, don't go around causing scenes at work at my expense...

@ Heiress: I know what you mean about these folks thinkin' that they're really doing something. It's even funnier how -- unless you pull off some Roseanne Barr version of the National Anthem -- you get invited to do it over and over again even if you butcher it.

Maybe I should try to do it some time.

Josh aka The Conservative Thinker said...

Since you insist on trying to put me on the spot, yes I did think this video was done in bad taste. But I wouldn't be suprised if people like you, who take shots at this country any chance you get, found humor in this sort of thing.

Andre said...

Sigh. Whatever.

Joslyn said...

Hey Josh,

1. Thanks for giving yourself a name. :)

2. This was a clip from Saturday Night Live, making fun of the people who butcher the anthem. Wouldn't you think that it was a good thing that they are encouraging people just to sing it "regularly?"

Now to Andre,

I was watching VH1 soul yesterday and get this: There was a video with HAMMER and some other dude singing about brining the troops home. Hammer has verses on there admitting to be a Bush supporter (*Side-note* If Hammer think that Bush is cool, you should need no other confirmation to NOT vote for him)but that it was time to bring the troops home. It was HORRIBLE! It sounded like it was recorded in his basement. I'll find the clip and send it to you. :)

Josh said...

"Whatever"? Is that the best you can come up with? Hahaha!

I always get a laugh out of you liberals who try to spread your leftist idealogies on the world and then get mad for getting called on it. Worst yet, you get mad if someone with a varying view on the world (i.e. me) speaks their mind.

Josh said...

To you Joslyn, why can't people just TELL singers to do the anthem "regularly" and stop trying to make humor out of everything? That's people's problems nowadays. People want to make jokes out of everything when sometimes it's not called for.

KC said...

This reminds me of the national anthem that Christina Aguilera (spelling?) did at the NBA All-Star Game a few years back. She did with a drummer as her only musical accompanment. While the drumming added a uniqueness to it, she sounded like pure crap. She even said the wrong words a couple of times.

This video was a striking resemblence to that.

Sorry offend you, Josh my boy. But this was funny as hell.

Andre said...

@ Jos: I didn't catch Hammer's song and I'm sure that it's not exactly a top 10 request. But if you can find it, I'm curious to see it.

I wanna get in on the joke too.

@ Josh: With some of the inane shit you say, sometimes I hate myself for my anti-deleting comments philosophy. But I guess that if I start deleting your comments, the terrorists win, right?


(1) I don't know why you insist on thinking that I'm a liberal. I think the Democrats suck as much as your boys in the GOP. It's just that I have a different type of disdain for them. The Dems are wussies; the GOP as assholes. Hint: see my previous post.

(2) Unlike the GOP folks you follow (especially your pundit buddies), I can allow, listen to, and acknowledge viewpoints different than my own. In fact, I encourage it. What I don't appreciate is when people (no names mentioned) can't do so without resorting to cheap shots and ignorant ass statements. You wanna have a conversation, then let's converse. If you want to pass around low blows, I'm pretty good at that too.

@ KC: I've seen that clip also and I completely agree with you. The drummer was sick (albeit unecessary), but Christina's performance was...uh...hmmm...yeah...HORRID.

The H.C. said...

Hey Dre,
That was funny as hell. It reminded me of when Whitney Houston did the Nation Anthem, I changed channels for what seemed like 20 minutes and when I went back she was still carrying on. For my money, the greatest national anthem (although not the present one) ever done was Ray Charles doing "America the Beautiful" before the Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Roberto Duran fight in 1980. As Howard Cowsell said at the time, "If that didn't touch don't have a heart."

Natasha said...

"Da who's broad strips and right raaaars; new ne neir-nis-nee-i-nee-i-nee-i..."


Maya Rudolph work the heck out of the skit!