Friday, May 25, 2007

The Demo-cowards

In a previous post, I pointed out how the Democrats would only support the troops to an extent where it does not jeopardize their political chances in ’08. Sadly, they just recently proved me right.

In a sickening and cowardly display, the sad bunch of weaklings we put in power last November essentially ignored the very mandate that put them in control when they recently gave in to President Bush by settling for a bill that will not only continue to fund this nonsensical war in Iraq, but to do so without timetables. Despite rallying support from the majority of the country with the promises to end this war, the Democrats have – in turned – thrown in the towel, allowed for additional funds to continuously pay for the war, and have not set any reasonable times for us to get the hell out.

On the one hand, I understand how the President’s vetoes and having too many of Bush’s buddies in Congress to override those vetoes would lead to a certain level of nihilism from the Dems. But is this really why we tried to clean house last November? The Dems have completely relinquished any legitimate chances they had to ending this war. In doing so, they validated everything that Bush, his buddies, and virtually every Republican pundit in the nation has been saying about them.

Simply put; much like the Cowardly Lion depicted above, the Democrats are pussies.

Keith Olberman, justifiably, didn’t let them off the hook. Neither should we.

Stories like this only fuel my contention that having legitimate third and fourth parties is critical if we are ever to restore a sense of functionality in our political system. What the American political system needs now more than ever are independent parties who are not scared of standing up for what’s right and taking on those in the mainstream; even at the risk of losing ground politically.

To the Democrats’ credit, they were right on one thing. The people did speak during the last election. But sadly, nobody; not the President, not Congress, not anybody; was listening.


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KC said...

Like you, I'm pretty disappointed with the Democrats on this one. But I understand why they did what they did. Everybody knows that in 2008, the people will blame them for 'losing' in Iraq. This is the only thing they can do to make sure that this whole mess falls on Bush and the Republicans. From that viewpoint, the ends justify the means.

Cynthia said...

Ouch! Pretty harsh words for the Dems, my boy. But you're sadly correct.

Greeneyes said...
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Greeneyes said...

Andre , My Handsome Green-eyed King of a man!

All politicians are crooked , everyone of them , always in fear of losing their political footing they play political chess to advance ,and put on a face of sincerity while a withered soul is at the wheel .If they start off with good intentions , they are corrupted as they have to swim in the vile weeds prior Government officials have laid before them ,eventually this twisted life becomes their reality and they do not relate to the average person . "A wicked web we weave as we trick and deceive " could be their Motto !

By the way ;
You were dearly missed , it is not the same here in cyberville/blogtown without your stirring the pot , your insight and those beautiful green eyes !
Muwah ,,,,so happy your back !

Saved Sinner said...

I think that it would be pretty appropriate for the discussion to make it's way up the agenda of the mainstream politicians. On Memorial Day, we celebrate the courage and the sacrifice of our soliders; past and present. But what are we doing in sacrifice? What are our "leaders" doing in sacrifice?

Good post, Andre. But the blame for this goes all around the table; Democrats and Republicans alike.

The H.C. said...

Great Post Dre!
Although I agree with you on the mandate thing from the people, this is an example of things working towards the correct end without becoming huge mistake number 2. I think timetables are a bad idea, but the Democrats sent the message to Maliki's Government that the War will not continue much longer, especially if they gain the Presidency or more power in the Houses of Congress. The Iraqi government needs to step up and the threat of us leaving is the only thing that going to cause that to happen, the Republicans do have a point that communicating a time of departure would simply cause the insurgents to wait us out. This to me seems a good middle ground, the message was sent but the timetables are still not there. I'm marking my calender and by October I'd better see the Iraqi government and people stepping up to the plate or I'm joining the crowd that says enough is enough.

Andre said...

@ KC: I understand the political consequences of the Dems move also. And I understand that they only way for them to land in the White House in 08 is to play the political game. I mean, frankly I don't trust the American people to be smart enough to look past politics and fear to find the immoral balance of this war (Hello? Remember Election 04?)

I'm not critical of the average American. They're idiots. I'm talking about the people we put in office. They're beholden to us. But they aren't willing to do the right thing of our fear of the political consequences; then turn around and claim they 'support the troops'. Yeah right. Whatever.

@ Cyn: I know, right?

@ Greeny: Interestingly, you've got the American political system figured out better than over half of the country. That's pretty disheartening.

@ saved: Hypocrisy is one of the things that bothers me most about this whole thing. You have people saying that they'll do "everything possible" in support of the troops. "Everything" means EVERYTHING; including putting your political power seeking aside for their safety. It's a lie and people are being sucked into it.

If Al-Qaeda swore on Allah that they would end this conflict if Bush sacrificed himself (whether as extreme as death or not-so-extreme by just stepping down from his post), do you think he would do it. Really?

The Dems are no different.

@ HC: I agree that timetables are a bad idea. So as my "middle ground", I say withdraw troops without announcing it. Why can't it be done without broadcasting it to the whole world? I mean, if anybody's good at doing things on the sneak tip, it's the government. They seem to be doing everything else in secret.