Thursday, September 14, 2006

Here one minute, gone the next...

My Inbox is getting pretty full. My phone hasn't stopped ringing (well, except for that brief moment because I didn't pay my bill. *Digression* Don't ever add a person, especially an unreliable person to your cellular contract. *End of digression*). At one point, I even got a few visitors at home.


There really is something to this whole "being missing-in-action" thing.

Apparently, taking a brief hiatus to battle influenza, to get caught up in class, and to manage a pretty heavy workload in the office was just the impetus I needed to get a hoard of people to try and track me down. On the one hand, I think it's pretty refreshing and comforting to know that people out there actually are concerned about a brotha. They seem to have a vested interest in my welfare and appear to take notice when I'm not around.

But why is it that when I am around, I'm like vapor?

Am I living in one of those strange worlds where I need to be missing in order to be noticed? Is my existence so routinized that I could be standing right there in a person's face and not be seen?


I guess, in a way, we're all like that.

We never know what we're missing until it's gone...


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cynthia said...

Hmmm. For once I really don't know what to say. I'm stumped.

cynthia said...

But, if it makes you feel any better, I got a chuckle from the cell phone ordeal. I once co-signed on my friend's student loan. Never again! :)

Diane said...

Hi, Andre. Glad to know you're feeling a little better and back to blogging again. I've been MIA a lot here lately and we've been like 2 ships passing in the night here in blogdom. :-)

I tried to email you several times but I keep getting my emails back. That MailerDaemon guy, whoever he is, you know? :-) For some reason the email on your profile won't work for me. Hmmmmm.......

Anyway, I have been concerned about you, and Green Eyes and I have wondered if something was wrong. Sorry for the work/school/flu thing, but I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious.

You were missed, my friend. :-)

Andre said...

@ Cynthia: If it makes you feel any better, I'm also stumped about the whole thing too.

But, at least this post taught me not to co-sign anymore. :)

@ Diane: Hey Di! I stopped by your page a couple of times in my sickbed (gotta love PDA's, baby!) and saw that you were sorta MIA too; though you were still relatively active. I had been out for so long that I forgot how to write...

Sorry my email hasn't been working, but I got a few forwards that you sent to my UM-Flint account. But, just in case you had problems with the email on my profile:

Thanks for the concern, Di. I assure you that things are kosher. Well, as kosher as to be expected with a flu, an endless semester, and work up to my neck. Stay blessed, Momma Jennings.

joanne said...


If I were you, I wouldn't look too much into this. Your last phrase says it all: "We never know what we have until it's gone." Just because you don't think people pay you much attention, or give you the reverence you think you deserve, etc. doesn't mean that they don't have it for.

If you've been as in demand as you say, that's further evidence that you have a support system; even if it's not always shown.

joanne said...

I quoted you incorrectly, but you get the point.

ajbendaƱa said...

"We never know what we're missing until it's gone..."

I know that better than anyone, but i am sure we have other experts in this field here as well.

Andre, i am sure you know this but i like repeating it. makes me sound wise. lol, jk.

shit happens, all you can hope to do is learn from it.

thehc said...

Welcome back!
I missed ya! Where else am I going to find a brotha who would put up with my right-leaning ass?
For over a week I had to comment on my own stuff! Glad your feeling better my friend.

Andre said...

@ Joanne: I get that. It's just annoying to me that being MIA (especially at church) equates to me getting the fifth degree. But when I'm there every single week, I don't get so much as a "Hello". If I was cynical (imagine that!), I would interpret that as people prying in my life when it's convenient for them.

@ ajbendaƱa: You're wise enough as it is, dawg! Don't lower your standards by repeating some of the weird things I say!

Thanks for your comments.

@ HC: Repeat after me: "You have NOT joined the dark side yet." Anybody who listens to the Grateful Dead, advocates herb and calls himself a "Hippie", by definition, CAN'T be a conservative.

But, no ultra-liberal tendencies for you either, young man!

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Andre~My GEM
I was wondering where my email went , since I have had no reply, ahhhemmm, ahhhhemmmm ,,,,,,,,,,


JD said...

"But when I'm there every single week, I don't get so much as a "Hello".

Really, Andre? Is that REALLY true?

Sorry, man, but you're exagerating. You always give off the air that you LIKE being by yourself and that everyone else who doesnt' think like you is stupid. Please don't forget to include that the next time that you write a blog on how evil people are treating you. :)

I love you!

Andre said...

@ Greeny: Dude, I never got an email from you at my hotmail address.

Could it possible that you just didn't have the right one? Hmmm...? :)

@ jd: You're wrong. Carry on.

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Andre~MY GEM

I re- sent the email , it is sent to the hotmail posted here on your blog , same add as before , sooooooooooooooooooooooo well see , unless you have me blocked ???tee hee
Have a great one

Andre said...

Ta Da! I got the email greeny. No weapon formed against me (i.e. Hotmail) shall prosper...