Friday, September 15, 2006

Controversy strikes again

I have a friend who; unbeknownst to me until recently; reads my blog a lot. She told me that, while some of my posts are pretty interesting, none of them are profound enough to generate too much discussion. Ten, fifteen or (on a good day) twenty responses will be all the discussion generated from one of my posts.

"Some of your posts are a little controversial. But, you need some truly hard hitting stuff," she told me.

Alright then. Fine…

Pat Robertson is a great evangelist. Benny Hinn is a true healer. Rev. Run really is a hip hop prophet. Slave labor isn’t all that bad. All gays are going to Hell. Jesus actually WAS a Republican. Paris Hilton deserves all the attention she receives. We really should post the Ten Commandments everywhere. Global warming is a lie. The Middle Passage was fictional. Bush really did win both of presidential elections fairly. Brokeback Mountain should have won the Academy Award for Best Movie. is a great place to socially interact and exchange intellectual thought. Democrats aren’t stupid after all. Season three of Nip Tuck didn’t suck. OJ is innocent. Jerry Falwell would make a terrific Secretary of Defense. Britney Spears is a terrific mother. Male “fashion experts” aren’t gay. Nice guys actually finish first. Mega churches are FAR better than smaller, more need-meeting churches. Bush's lack of intelligence is overstated. Criss Angel actually can walk on water. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes make a great couple. Allowing gay marriage will lead to people marrying animals; which is good since people should be able to marry animals anyway if they truly love them. Baptists are the only people going to Heaven. 50 cent is a true role model. I love being a white man.

Controversial enough for you? :)


15 "Insiders" spoke their mind. Join in...:

ajbendaña said...

I guess her comments bothered you quite a bit. I think she is just might be a little hard to please.

Michael jackson is a white.

The US has the best education system in the world.

We have all the time in the world to achieve what we want to achieve.

Government and religion are not mixed into US and world politics.

Ricky martin is not gay.

Aldo is the greatest blogger in the world.

This is fun.

Diane said...

Well, now...THAT was certainly interesting, to say the least. :-)

Did you mention somewhere in your blog that your primary purpose on this blog was to generate debate with your posts? If so, I missed the memo. I personally like it fine just the way it is.

All Andre, All the time. ;-)

Blog on, Sir Andre. :-)

Andre said...

@ ajbendaña: As much as I hate to admit it, getting under my skin is not that hard to do. I guess you could say that she pushed the wrong buttons on the wrong day. :)

Love your list by the way. Though I think that your blog (running neck and neck with Diane's) are the best around.

*So much for my cheap pop...*

@ Diane: It's funny. I didn't know that I was supposed to be controversial either. But I guess that when you write a tag that says "This commentary will challenge conventional thought on topics like politics, religion, and society"; and then you put a post about Jesus cussing, you're bound to create controversy.

But, thanks for your compliments as always. You're definitely my better half (in a not-trying-to-pluck-you-from-your-husband sort of way...)

ajbendaña said...

Thanks man. But I must have you know that i only list Grade A blogs on my Intresting blogs section.

Buffalo Wings are made from buffalo(Bison)cut and shapped into bird body parts.

Bill Lambeer was not a dirty player.

Joe thiesman and Bill Walton are the greatest commentators in the world.

Rabbits dont have too much sex.

Sorry, i couldnt resist.

I got to check dianes blog out one of these day. maybe now.

Andre said...

Dude, if Bill Laimbeer was a dirty player then what does that make Gary Payton?! Silly Heat...

How's this:

* The Florida Gators will win the national championship

* Miami Vice was better as a movie than a TV show

* The UM Hurricanes actually deserved their championship hype for all those years.


natasha said...

Welcome back Andre. It's good to see you at it again. If I were you, I wouldn't make too big a deal about not posting as much. Education and work comes first. When you’re settled down, I’m sure you’ll have lots to talk about!

Marianita said...

great post...

Americans receive the best medical care, EVER!

Ok, I'm not gonna try to add to the list any more than that. Between you and Aldo there's enough controversial commentary to go around.

jd said...

Who told you that, Dre? Call 'em out!!!!

P.S. I'm not wrong, you just like complaining and want everyone to feel sorry for you. Did you tell everyone about how I called you several times on Sat to invite you to dinner but you didn't answer your phone? (refer to previous post) :) I love ya!

Andre said...

@ Natasha: Good points you raised. Thanks for the insight.

@ Mari: Hey you! Thanks for takin' a sec from your Georgetown life to holla at a brotha! :)

But, don't hold back on the controversy. We wouldn't want people to think I've gone soft (and you know who you are...) :)

@ JD: If the assailant is brave enough, they'll say something. *wink*

By the way: I'm not trying to make anybody "feel sorry" for me. I call it like I see it. Plus, as you can tell, I appropriately named my blog "Inside Andre's Head.; which means that my inside words becoming my outside words. Simply put, I lay out my inner thoughts AND complaints in words that others can see. I'm not forcing anybody to read this stuff.

By the way (again): Let me remind you again that I was sleep when you called...

cynthia said...

Andre, Andre, Andre.

*shakes my head*

Yasser Rahman said...

LOL! you had me reading that stuff like it was a holy book!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Less than 20 comments! I knew it! *evil smile*

-The anonymous "assailant"

Andre said...

@ Cynthia: C'mon Cyn. Join the fun!

@ Yasser: I guess that -- in a way -- you CAN call it religious. Well, more like sacriligious, but you get the point...

Andre said...

@ "anonymous": Don't think you've won this one yet, evildoer.

the anonymous assailant said...

Whatever man! You making multiple comments doesn't count. Cheater!