Friday, August 25, 2006

Another year older (Gulp!)

I hope I don't have to pay royalties for doing this but...

*Ahem* Me me me me meeeee....

"Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday tooo me. Happy Birthday, Dear Andre. Happy Birthday to me."

Your boy just hit 27 today. Day-um! I'm getting closer and closer to the dreaded 3-0. Yikes.

Now, if you'll excuse me. I'm meeting with my doctor today so that he can assign me my very own walker...


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Kim said...

Happy Birthday Andre!!!!

We Love you!! Have a fantastic day. Whatever gift Tamika gets you it's from all of us. I told them to put my name on the card.

don't forget, I have a B-day coming up in October. I'm turning 28...for the 6th time :)

cynthia said...

Happy Birthday Dre!

27?! Daaaang! You old as hell dude!

saved_sinner said...

Happy Birthday, my friend. May God continue to bless you and keep you until next birthday. And the one after that, and the one after that...

joanne said...


As you know, I really enjoy reading your blog. I decided to take a look back over your blog over the past year. I must say that I don't think that I've seen someone make the kind of leaps that you made from 26 to 27!

I look at your cheery and happy posts, your hurtful and difficult posts; and I still get encouraged from each one. If you were to go back and look at your past material, I think you'll discover; just like I think I have; that God used you in each of your posts (even the political tirades you had). I'd like to tell you that I've had some great experiences with you. Thank you for sharing them!

Happy Birthday!

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Andre! My Green eyed Handsome Birthday Man

In the most sultry voice ever ,

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday MR.ANDREEEEEEE, you greeneyed sweet handsome man you !
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu
SMOOOOCH ! tee hee

wishing you a fabulous Birthday , may Gods angels follow you and keep you from harm, may you want for nothing and need even less . may all your wishes come true ,
Happy Birthday Andre ,,,,,27 huh ,what a glorious age , enjoy every second


Ho said...

feliz cumpleanos.....3-0 can't be so bad can it?

best-est friend said...

maybe we can do dinner as a make-up gift????

Andre said...

@ best-est: No worries about gifts. Besides, they remind about the b-day that I'm tryin' to forget...

@ Kim: What's up sis? I'll be there front and center for your 28th B-day. But, it'll be hard to time travel back five years. Bam!

@ Cynthia: Cyn, if memory serves me correctly, you're the one who's married with children. That, by default, makes you old as hell! Ha!

@ saved_sinner: Thanks Rob!

@ Joanne: Thanks for the kind words. I'd like to see this year as a progression. Even though my viewpoints on many things hasn't changed much, I think I can at least say that my responses to them may have (or will in the future). Thanks for your cybernetic friendship, especially given that you also juggle your family, personal, and professional lives in the meantime!

@ Greeny: For what it's worth: I'd rather have you jump out of my birthday cake than Marilyn Monroe anyday! Thanks for the b-day blessings. Now: if only I knew how old YOU were...

@ Ho: Mucho gracias! I guess that 30 isn't all that bad. It'll be here before I know it so I'll have to get used to it...

@ best-est (again): Your treat...Ha!

By the way: You. Me. Michigan Stadium. UM v. MSU. Oct. 7th (the day after YOUR day). Be there or be square.

I'll see if I can land tix...

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Andre, My GEM.

I hope you had a fabulous birthday,your comment made my day , you Are a sweetheart !

and how old am I ,,,THAT IS A MYSTERY,its all in how you feel baby, all in the way you feel .I FEEL 130 SOMEDAYS ,TODAY I FEEL 27!
(wink** wink)
two things you never ask a woman,her age and her weight, I noticed you did not ask ,,,,you are a man of class !

thehc said...

Happy Birthday Andre!!
Sorry if I'm late, I was on vacation and just got back. For your birthday I wish for you;
1) A relationship that brings you as much happiness as my wife has brought me. (we just celebrated our 27th anniversary Aug. 24)
2) Peace of mind and heart.
3) Resolution of the problems with your church.
4) The understanding that 27 is not that old.
5) wealth and health.

I hope you had a good B-Day my friend.

ajbendaƱa said...

Happy belated Birthday Andre!

Hope you had a good one. Shit i am dreading the big 2-5. I can even imagine Big 3-0

Diane said...

A belated very happy birthday, Andre! Hope it was a good 'un, and may you have many, many more. ;-)

As for Greeneyes, I happen to know how old she is....HA! take that, Miss G! LOL ;D

Andre said...

@ Greeny: Asking a woman for her age. What the heck was I thinking?! :0 Though, it's funny that Diane seems to know, but I don't. I guess it's one of those "woman to woman" moments. :)

@ HC: Thanks for the b-day wishes, my friend. And, welcome back from vacation. Get braced for another wild and zany Fall Semester (where has the time gone?!)

@ ajbendaƱa: My b-day was pretty much what was to be expected. I spent most of my day working on a final exam, and most of my evening sleep from exhaustion.

Sigh. The theme song of the graduate student...

Thanks for the shout-out!

@ Diane: Hey college mom! Thanks for the belated b-day wish. I really appreciate it.

Pssst...*Nudging you with my elbow* You can tell me greeny's age. Nobody's looking. ;)

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Andre~ My GEM

yes It is a woman to woman thing tee hee . I am not that old to be bent out of shape about my age but come on a girl likes a little MYSTERY.

and excuse me Andre for a mere moment please, my Nemisis has beckoned LOL

DIANE ....Now Now , we wouldnt want to tell gossip would we (flexing imaginary cat like nails ,LMAO),things could get mixed up , like your salsa is bought at the store REEEEOOOWWWWWWW hehehehehe KIDDING !!!
All Andre needs to know is I am between his and your age LOL I am as old as I feel , LOL

there is always someone looking (wink*)

monique said...

After all that was said and done, I hope you had a happy b-day :)

JD said...

You wrote this blog a long tiiiiime ago, a real long tiiiime ago. It was the oldest blog you ever'94

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Andre~My GEM
Come out come out where ever you are !!!!!!! seriously , I am going through withdrawls here ,,,,,,Hmmmmmmmm,,,,where are youuu???? Ok ,I hope your doing something extra fun to keep you away , I know you just had a Birthday but come on your not old enough to retire LOL

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Andre~ My Gem
I have no idea if you are reading this but I hope you are OK , I guess you are busy with the new school term and life , just wanted to know I was thinking about you and hope you are safe , OH yes, and I am putting out an APB for A missing person , I have your pic ,Description : Handsome Greeneyed 27(wink*) year old MAN !!!!!LOL
God Bless :}

cynthia said...

Annnn-dreeeee! Come back!

27 is TOO YOUNG to start developing Alzheimer's!

Missing you...

joanne said...

I share in both cynthia and green-eyed girl's concern. I hope that everything is ok with you.

Just so you know, I'm not pressuring you to produce any more writing, especially given that you're probably pretty busy. But, just know that your terrific insight is missed.

May God continue to keep his loving arms around you, my friend!

kc said...

You wrote this post a long tiiiime ago. A real long tiiimme ago.

Can I say that or does JD have the patent on that one?

Hope things are OK with ya, dawg!

jd said...

Yes! I have the patent on that saying KC!!!

Just so everyone knows, Andre is VERY busy. I spoke with him last night and rest assured that he's working on another WONDERFUL and INSIGHTFUL blog entry, he's just hella busy right now!!!

Andre said...

***Meanwhile, two and a half weeks later...***

@ Greeny: I guess that your age will be viewed as one of life's greatest mysteries; along with how the dinosaurs became extinct, te Bermuda Triangle and the location of Jimmy Hoffa's body.

But don't think I won't do some snooping around. :)

@ Monique: Hi 'Nique. My b-day was OK if you don't mind taking hard ass final exams. Thanks!

@ JD: Sigh!

@ Greeny: Thanks for the concern and for the APB (I think). But things got REALLY out of hand when someone threw a rock through my window with an attached note that said "Courtesy of the Green-Eyed Bandit".

@ Cynthia: C'mon dude! You don't really think I have Alzheimer's, do you Cassandra?

@ Joanne: Thanks for the kind words. Just to assure you, I'm fine. Been a little sick, a little overworked, and a little stressed (I getting more and more gray hair by the second). But, I'm good. Really.


@ KC: I dunno if JD will allow you to use that line without greasing her palms with some moolah. Thanks for the shout out.

@ JD: Uh...thanks for being my...uh...advocate(?). Way to fend off the mob dude!

Robin said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Erdna!
27, huh? Day-um!
Well, at least you get insurance premiums now, right?
(there's gotta be something good about being old as a fossil)