Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Miscellaneous news

An assortment of miscellaneous news for you to chew on...

Apparently, fraud perpetrated under the unbrella of Katrina has hit $1.5 billion. This is $1.5 billion taken from the relief effort of tens of thousands of people who lost everything; and exploited by crooks. This is sad reminder of how far people will go to benefit from other people's misery.

Speaking of $1.5 billion, I thought it was interesting that Warren Buffet, lord and master of Berkshire Hathaway and one of the richest men on Earth, is donating 85% of his wealth to the Gates Foundation. His $1.5 billion annual contributions will eventually amass the $35 billion dollar mark. Let me repeat that: $35 billion.

His generosity is what being wealthy is all about. In his giving, Buffett rounds out the cycle of true capitalism — applying the resources handed to him by society, creating wealth and then returning that wealth back to society for more than just his family to enjoy. While the praise people like Oprah and Angelina -- whose contributions to the world probably don't even represent 5% of their worth, guys like Buffet and Gates are centralizing most of their wealth on others. Now, this isn't to say that other wealthy people haven't done the same. But, 85% of your fortune?! To me, Buffet and Gates have set the benchmark for altruism.

I was really happy to hear that Star Jones was getting the boot from the View. Now, only if they would cancel the whole damn show...

Moving on...

Even though I consider myself a centrist (since I think that Dems and the GOP are equally insipid), I'm going on the record for the first time in history by actually agreeing with President Bush on something. Like the Bush Administration, I'm disturbed by how the media has leaked information on how the Feds are tracking bank activity by suspected terrorists. Though it's not illegal (since this information wasn't passed directly to the enemy, it's not in violation of the Espionage Act), it does have an ill affect the so-called "War on Terror".

But, maybe if Bush wasn't so sneaky and deceitful about everything in the first place, none of this media probing would have ever taken place. To coin a phrase I always used as a kid, "He started it..."

According to some columnists, an old rumor sparked by columnist Wayne Madsen -- about an affair involving Dubya and Condi -- has resurfaced. I'm no fan of the Prez or Condi, but even I find this one is disgusting.

Speaking of disgusting, am I the only one annoyed by the whole flag-burning nonsense? This is clearly one of those silly mid-term election ploys. With all the other pressing issues in the nation, do you mean to tell me that whether or not flag-burning should be allowed is important? I tell you what: how about we burn Congress instead?!

Can anyone please explain this whole Federal Marriage Amendment nonsense? I thought it was hilarious that this silly legislation was struck down. Yes, I think that homosexuality is wrong by God's standards. No, I don't think that we should try to create legislation robbing homosexuals of basic human rights; including marriage.

I've always thought it to be interesting that Conservatives -- who claim to be for less governmental intervention and who actually favor a "small" government -- spent unnecessary time trying to pass amendments that dig deep into people's personal lives. Sigh! Must be election time again...

Moving on yet again...

According to this article, Andrew Hawkins; a descendant of a slave trader; has made a formal apology for slavery which took place in Gambia. Is it just me, or are "apologies" getting old? I mean, doesn't it make more sense for this man -- and others who are 'apologetic' -- to let their apologies materialize into action?!

On another sad note, I just heard the story about Sgt. Raymond J. Plouhar, who was just killed in Iraq from a roadside bomb attack. Apparently, he was in Michael Moore's latest movie "Fahrenheit 9/11," though both he and his family were supporters of the war in Iraq.

This Palestinian/Israeli conflict is really starting to get bad. According to this article, Israeli forces are starting to turn up the heat against the Hamas government. And this is just for a few missing soliders. Times like this remind me to pray and pray often.

Speaking of praying for people, let's continue to keep the flood victims on the East coast, the wildfire victims in the West, the victims of the Indonesia earthquakes, and the victims in Africa in our prayers. The next time you get mad at God for not hitting the lottery or for the cancellation of your favorite sit-com, think about the people who are really suffering in the world today. Then tell me how your "problems" compare.

You know, now that I think about, maybe I should just turn my TV off for a couple of days.


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thehc said...

Hey Andre,
Lots to comment on here, I'll go right down the list.
Warren Buffet-Way to lead by example Warren, if a few more rich people follow you and Bill Gates' example, the world will be a better place, and will have a better opinion of Americans. (there I go being optimistic again.)
Star Jones- Who watches that terrible show? In 30 min. I found not one point I could agree on, or even respect.
Leaks-I totally agree, this is getting real close to treason.
Affair- Condi can do better.
Fed Marriage-They're doing it to show how far to the left the Dems have drifted, and it works.
Apologies-Apologies only work for me when they're given by those that did the deed.
Raymond J. Plouhar- I saw this guy on T.V. not long ago pissed off about how Michael Moore had deceived and used him. The City of Flint knows how you feel Ray. Strange how the people who actually are involved in this war support it, while people who do nothing, sit and bitch, just a thought. Thanks for your service Ray, A grateful nation mourns, R.I.P.
Pal/Isreal- As always with these two, pray for some sanity to prevail.

Andre said...

What can I say? The world has lost it's frickin' mind.

May our grandchildren forgive us...

Josh said...

For a while, I had just stopped commenting on your blog, largely because most of it offends me (especially your claim of being a Christian while bashing Bush who is a Christian leader). But this one got me in arms.

I could go on and on about how nonsensical each of these "stories" are, but I can't believe you'd pull out the "Condi-George" rumor (and YES, it IS a rumor). That was the last straw for me.

josh said...

This is not like President Clinton where he was ACTUALLY caught with his pants down (pun intended).