Tuesday, March 07, 2006

National Security: Ours & theirs

About a week ago, I blogged about New Orleans celebrating Mardi Gras while most of the area was still @#$!ed up. I guess I still haven't gotten over it; especially after I found the following disturbing information:

This is the Dutch levee system; especially important since most of its land is below sea level.

This is a diagram of Italy's levee system. The giant platform (the yellow part of diagram) rises us to break up waves.

This is the levee system in the UK...

And yet...

This is the levee system that the 'leader of the free world' uses to protect itself from flooding.
After looking at the levee systems of these other developed nations, can you honestly tell me that there isn't something fundamentally wrong with our country?! Why haven't we pushed for more work to be done so that we can offer the same kind of protection to our people that these other nations provide for their citizens?! Oh, that's right! Because Mardi Gras time is upon us.
Simply put: there is absolutely no excuse why New Orleans is spending their time partying, exposing breasts, and acting like fools, while many parts of the area are still in dire need and are still vulnerable to disaster. What happens when the next Katrina comes around? Would you rather see stronger levees protecting our cities or levess that use Mardi Gras beads to patch the holes?

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Yasser Rahman said...

Ive been saying this about the US for quite a while..they look great from the outside...thier insides.. well...


Check this link , try refreshing the page after a few seconds..

poor america in debt..and ever growing..

Red_lover said...

I found this post thinking that I was going to find some interesting and enlightening things about National Security in the face of a terrorist threat. What I found was more of a reason to hate liberals.

Blah, blah, blah. Bush is bad. Yada, yada, yada. Conservatives are mean. I've heard it all.

Bush is the best thing that has ever happened to this country. He is strong in his leadership, resolute, and always willing to protect the people of this great country. How dare you criticize a man who has done nothing but strengthen this country...even in the face of such a horrible disaster like Katrina.

Maybe instead of pointing fingers, you should remember those hurt by disaster.

Andre said...

@ Yasser: I'm amazed at how the U.S. can place such a high premium (in terms of $$$) on 'restoring' Iraq, but will pay no attention to the problems right here within our borders. I guess that explains the cut in 141 social programs that Dubya presented to Congress.

Sigh! Another two more years of this s@#t...

@ red_lover:


Sean Hannity has visited my blog!

Dude, please tell me where in this post your boy, Dubya was even mentioned. If you can do that, I'll give you a dollar. Go on. Do it. And, no...the comment section doesn't count (especially since you mentioned him first).

Although your president gives me ammunition EVERY TIME HE SAYS SOMETHING, the point of this post was to identify the ways that our government...as a whole (as opposed to just a conservative entity) has failed miserably at protecting its land.

Let's be clear here: the Department of Homeland Security is not just for protecting America against terrorist "threats" (though, the real protection comes when we stop trying to force nations to conform to our idealogies). Rather, Homeland Security is supposed to protect America from all disasters: man-made or natural.

I think that Yasser was only trying to point out the massive debt that we've accumulated during your boy's presidency. We've absorbed a bulk of this deficit by trying to protect ourselves from an enemy that WE CREATED. Meanwhile, our government continues to soundly neglect the suffering of people from the Gulf Coast.

How do we respond to this massive failure by the government? Do we stand up? Do we bring to bear our chief officials (including Dubya)? Do we ask important questions?


We dance and celebrate on Bourbon Street.

There's something wrong with this picture.

Yasser Rahman said...

Wow...Bush has not done ANYTHING right..Hes screwed up big time, comes to India and sells uranium cause we already got the rockets and missles, then goes to pakistan and sells the rockets and missiles cause they have the uranium ?

What is the man in question trying to do? Why is he so desperate to bring Asia down? Hes gona be trying something with Japan next? Who can say?