Monday, January 09, 2006

Two down... entire generation of elites to go.

It's official. Tom DeLay has called it quits. In the face of his campaign finance scandal, he has given up his position as the House Majority Leader. In a related story, Jack Abramoff, a major lobbyist for Delay pled guilty to fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy to bribe public officials.

But, I'm not celebrating.

Corruption is systematic. It's not going away just because a couple of people got caught. Also keep in mind that any punishment they receive will probably be considerably less significant than other criminal folks who aren't so well connected.

I hate politics.


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josh said...

Little known fact:

Democrats were also involved with Jack Abramoff too. I mean, they accepted bribes and dirty money just like Republicans.

But, when a couple of powerful conservatives do it, it's sooo terrible.


stray cat said...

I do think there was a small number of Dems involved, but it is largely Republican corruption, and we all know it.

Andre said...

For one:

I don't subscribe to the Democratic ticket. I consider myself an Independent. But, since they can't ever seem to win, I vote Democrat.

The reason I told you that is to show you that I'm not trying to side with the Democrats. So, I won't attempt to argue whether Dems are just as guilty as the GOP for taking bribes.

But, even if there were Dems involved, so what? That doesn't excuse Republican corruption. Just because one person does wrong, doesn't mean that everyone else has the license to do the same thing! I wrote about this in another blog (about the GOP justifying torture because it also happened under Clinton). You should check it out.

So, to respond to your comments, I say punish the guilty...Dems included (although, from what I've read, the Dems collected their money legally). If evidence surfaces which points the finger of guilt, we should punish those involved; REGARDLESS to who it is.