Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Turning the other (broken) cheek

I can't seem to get over the story about a 64-year-old black man who was severely beaten up by New Orleans police. The man, a retired school teacher, was accused of being publicly intoxicated (although, oddly enough, the officers refused to give him a breath-a-lizer test). Funny, huh? Even if that were the case, since when would it take six armed officers to subdue one old man?

At any rate, they broke his cheek, damaged his eye (which required surgery) and left him in a pool of his own blood. When asked if this was a racially motivated attack (five officers were white), the victim's lawyer replied, "...my client does not believe that's what is involved here." Even more remarkable was the man's response when he said, "I hold no animosity against anyone..." Essentially, this man turned the other (broken) cheek.

I need to be more like this man...


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Karen said...

Rather than spreading healing and love, people have resorted to violence and hate.

It's a shame!