Monday, June 23, 2008

Random news

Hey party people,

It's been a while since I did a miscellaneous news post. So here are some of the stories currently hitting the airwaves:

Pioneer comic dead
I just found out that George Carlin; one of the more groundbreaking comics I've ever heard; has died of a heart failure. He was 71. While I admit that I negatively internalized some of his jokes about people who believe in God (being a Christian myself), he was one of the most entertaining, well polished and thought-provoking comedians to be found.

RIP Mr. Carlin.

David and Elizabeth Lawson, a Utah couple who created the "The Sock Obama", a hand puppet of a monkey dressed in a suit, have announced they will proceed in manufacturing the controversial toy. The couple maintains that since people have often caricaturized President Bush as a chimp, it's only fair that they should be able to do the same with Sen. Obama.

News flash to the Lawsons: Comparing black folks to monkeys was, is, and will FOREVER BE a racist gesture. Carry on.

Speaking of racist expressions, Don Imus, the infamous shock jock who was recently suspended for his "Nappy Headed Hoes" comments directed at the Rutgers' women's basketball team, is at it again. This time he made -- what some are calling -- inflammatory and racist remarks about newly acquired Dallas Cowboy Adam "Pacman" Jones. Jones, who himself has been no stranger to controversy because of off-the-field antics including a shooting a Vegas night club, was the subject of discussion as Imus and his co-host made a stereotypical comment associating blacks with violence.

Imus later offered an explanation; indicating that he meant to say that Jones was simply getting picked on because he was black. But we all know the score; the racist tone of Imus' remarks. For that matter, I'm not suprised. While others are outraged (again), I predicted this would happen a long time ago. I predicted that the punishment Imus received would not reform his behavior and -- if anything -- would cause him to come back stronger than ever. Now, I couldn't predict how Imus would come back, but I knew he would.

Pregnancy pact?
This story is a few days old, but is still worth mentioning only because of how ridiculous it is. A group of teenage girls at a school in a small Massachusetts town have reportedly made some sort of pact to all get pregnant and raise their children together. These girls are said to lack self-esteem and are relying on parenthood to give their lives purpose.

I'm sorry, but it this is true all these girls should be in jail and their children put up for adoption. Maybe I'm sounding a bit like a Republican in this case, but I get endlessly annoyed seeing dumb a** kids bringing other kids into this world without being able to adequately provide for them. If these kids are so desperate for a sense of belonging, give them something to do. Volunteer work. A summer job. Play softball. Reading a book. There are plenty of time-consuming, self-esteem building, and engaging activities outside of inadequately bringing another life into this world. Why haven't these boneheaded girls, their parents, or THE BABY DADDIES pick up on this?! Aaagh!

In and out of context
Dan Abrams and the folks over at MSNBC have gave the Dems a little bit of fire to match the fire toss at Michelle Obama for her comments about being proud of the country for the "first time in [her] adult life." Footage was uncovered showing Sen. John McCain stating that it wasn't until he was "deprived" of America as a POW that he truly loved it. Uh oh...!

Now, taking his comments into context, I know exactly what he meant. He certainly wasn't implying that he hated his country before becoming a POW. He was stating that it took that horrific experience for him to truly appreciate his country. It's no different that someone saying they didn't know how much they loved someone close to them until they died (a little extreme, but you get the point). I get him. I forgive him. Now, if he and his camp can extend the same courtesy to Michelle for her poorly contextualized comments. While we're at it, I'd challenge both the Obama and McCain camps to SAY WHAT THEY MEAN. As I've stated before, it's far too easy to get points lost in the way they are communicated.

Obama's presidential seal
Sigh. C'mon Senator. For real?

The Obama campaign has announced that the presidential seal it recently unveiled will be removed. The seal duplicating the seal of the President -- which included the words "Vero possumus (roughly translated as saying "Yes We Can") has been viewed by many as an indication of Obama being too overly confident during this heated political campaign. While I'm praying to God that Obama pulls this off and will eventually stand behind the actual presidential seal, WTF?!

Flip flopping politicians
Both John McCain and Barack Obama now have something in common with Sen. John Kerry during the 2004 presidential election: both now have the label of "flip flopper" on their names. This week, both candidates went on the record by changing their positions on issues critical to this year's election. Sen. Obama indicated that he would opt out of public financing for the general election while Sen. McCain stated that he now supports drilling off the coast if states give their consent. As we speak, both candidates are using their flip flops against each other.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't have a problem with politicians changing their positions. Rather than staying committed to their incorrect policies, it's refreshing to see policiticans see the error of their ways and make changes accordingly. But the secret is: they have to sell it as a learning experience. If McCain and Obama can 'fess up and admit how they came to change their positions, campaign damage can be alleviated in my opinion.

Heil ESPN!
Here's another old story but still worth mentioning. Last week, ESPN suspended one of its columnists for making a pretty crude and inappropriate reference to Adolf Hitler when writing about the NBA Champion Boston Celtics. In one of her columns, ESPN writer Jemele Hill said, “Rooting for the Celtics is like saying Hitler was a victim. It’s like hoping Gorbachev would get to the blinking red button before Reagan.”

One day, I'll figure out what the deal is with sports personalities and why they can't seem to leave the inappropriate hyperbolic statements at home. For one, the line made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Secondly, drudging up shameful reminders of the history's atrocities is no way to effectively come up with sports metaphors. If this lady got fired for her comments, there wouldn't be any tears shed from these hazel eyes.

I guess that's it for the time being. But I'm sure the news will provide much more to talk about soon. They never seem to disappoint.


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The H.C. said...

Hey Dre,
Yea, it has been awhile and you know how much I love these.
1) One of my all-time favorite comics. RIP George.
2)WTF- Can people really be that dumb? Or are they hoping for the attention.
3)Besides looking like Satan, Don Imus is an embarrassment to all white people and frankly, even an embarrassment to Satan.
4)Once again, just looking for attention. I'm at least glad I didn't have to suffer their stupid faces and comments. God save the kids. Can't we just sew their vaginas shut?
5) He had to be tortured into loving America? Yikes!
6) I have a warning for Barack, "Don't get too cocky and stop saying 'When I'm President."
7)Flip Flopping is just what politicians do. If you ever start thinking your candidate doesn't do it, your not paying attention.
8) You know I don't know much about sports, but Hitler played Basketball?

Thanks again for the fun Dre!

Joanne said...

Thanks for the heads up on what's going on in the news. I see a promising career at CNN in your future young squire. :)

Greeneyes said...

Hi My Green-eyed KING!

Great read , thanks for the info , always good to read these type of post form you ,keep that grey matter stimulated !LOL,
Hope all is well in your kingdom and life is but a dream ,,,,,,,MErrily Merrily ......