Friday, June 06, 2008

The Obama Pound

Regardless to what happens during the General Election, Obama will always be my homeboy. I mean, how many other presidential nominees have you known who gave their spouse a fist pound to celebrate? How cool is that?!

Even Obama winning the nomination has to take a backseat to this as being the coolest moment of this campaign season:

Way to defuse those accusations of elitism, Senator!

H/T to Rikyrah over at Mirror on America for the story.


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Cynthia said...

The journalist hit it one the head: this was a great and romantic politic moment between spouses who are also best friends. They've gone through the fire together and affirmed their success with some dap. It was an amazing display. I almost cried watching that (in a good way, of course!)

nic said...

I don't know if I buy into the claims of romanticism that this is supposed to imply, nor the many other political comparisons it's been set against. When I saw it (live, albeit not-in-person, of course), my first thought was "Wow. My kids & I do that" (although we call it "knuckles"; they don't even know what "high-fives" are).

In retrospect however, I see this as a congratulatory "We did it". Above & beyond that, I see this as being the antithesis to Howard Dean's infamous howl.

..and @ what better time for such a thing than now?


Andre said...

Cyn, I know that you're on that whole 'nother cloud with your hubby, but I tend to think that romance is for sucka MCs. Still, I thought the pound was pretty cool. Perhaps it was because it was so unexpected. Maybe it was because of how informal it was - even when the event itself was pretty formal. I dunno.

I even got a chuckle out of Barack's "Good play" tap he gave Michelle on her romp. I can imagine that having that kind of relationship is pretty fun and rewarding.

KC said...


It's funny how some folks over at Faux News are considering the Obama pound a terrorist pound. Check it out:


Andre said...

KC, While I was initially distracted by Hill's legs, I peeped the video a while back on MediaMatters. I also saw Keith Olberman rip into her and the lame apology she subsequently offered.

This is Fox News. Were you expecting anything different?