Friday, May 16, 2008


Hat tip to Carmen for this video:


12 "Insiders" spoke their mind. Join in...:

Cynthia said...

Lawd have mercy! These people have lost their minds!

Andre said...

"Lawd have mercy! These people have lost their minds!"

I disagree Cyn. You gotta have a mind first before you lose it. These people clearly don't.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this only confirms that Hillary and McCain have been saying about him. He DOES come across as an elitist. He steps on stage using lofty rhetoric only suitable for college eggheads while the average blue collar worker has no idea what he's talking about. Then, he vouches for people who say "God damn America." How do you think that will fly with the average blue collar worker?

At least Hillary and McCain try to reach people on their level. If Hillary doesn't win this nomination (and it's a shame that she might not), McCain will win in a landslide. They're of the people. Obama's not. Sorry.

Andre said...

Clinton's accumulated wealth since leaving office: $109 million. The number of homes the McCains own (when the country is facing a mortgage crisis): 8.

Yep. I'm soooo glad that Hill and McCain are so in touch with the common folk.

The truth is Mr./Mrs./Ms. Anonymous, 'rednecks' in W. Virgina and other clearcut bigots in this country represent a consistent level of provincialism that has plagued this country for years. I mean, you've got folks who make uninformed decisions and offer outrageous analysis about something or somebody about which they know NOTHING. One of the ladies in this clip thought Obama was a foreigner (chick must've missed the part of the game where only natural-born citizens can run for Presidency). They rest on the laurels of their stereotypical ignorance because thinking any differently makes their brains hurt. So rather than actually INVESTIGATING the person who stands to be our next President and a person who can address the problems facing this nation, they just see a black, Muslim foreigner who is worse off than dat der Republican feller.

*Shakes my head*

Joanne said...

This video is just depressing. To imagine: not a single anti-Obama interviewee could give a valid reason why they wouldn't support him. Unless you count his race, his being a Muslim (hahaha), and his being an immigrant (again, hahaha!) as being important to the election. While this country has made great progress, it's clear to me that we have a long, long, way to go.

Still, I'm not completely on the "We hate Hillary" bandwagon yet. I think she's STILL a great candidate for President. But that doesn't make Obama a bad one.

KC said...

Wooooooow! Amazing!

Before I beat up on die hard Clinton fans, the Obama fans in this video didn't exactly have a clue on why they support him either. Still, the Clinton fans who showed why they WOULDN'T support Obama were most shocking.

Andre said...

KC, you raise a good point. I think one of the responsibilities that come with the vote is knowing why you support one person or thing and why you don't support another person or thing. Clearly, the folks in this video missed that memo.

As a side note, I have to admit: I kept waiting for one of those Clinton supports to say that they would never support 'no A-rab, nigra, porch monkey.'

Andre said...

@ Joanne:

" I'm not completely on the "We hate Hillary" bandwagon yet. I think she's STILL a great candidate for President."

I won't hold that against you. Really, I won't.

heiresschild said...

the lady who was asked about whether she'd vote for a Black man as president made it clear. in other words, "i ain't voting for no nigger." their thoughts, not mine! IGNORAMUS!

Andre said...

Hi Sylv,

This election has definitely played into people's fears (i.e. the thought of a "Muslim" being president; even one as Christian as Obama) and their bigotry (no answer from "Ashley" on why she wouldn't vote for a black man; or at least no answer on the record).

God help us.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for you. You've gone on and on about how you would never vote for Hillary if she was the nominee. Yet, you have the audacity to blast people who indicate that they would never vote for Obama. You talk about double standards. Don't you think you should look in the mirror?

Andre said...

Let's be clear on something right now: most of Hill's supporters would go so far as to hit from the opposite side of the plate (with McCain) just because of their ignorance of the Obama. Ignorance that has been propogated by the Clinton campaign. They don't know where Obama stands on issues; mostly because Clinton and those clowns in the media can't seem to get off of the Wright story. They don't know anything about Obama except for the fact that he's black; ideas consistently driven home by Clinton and her crew. her supporters aren't even hip to the fact that the brotha has a WHITE BIOLOGICAL mother. They also can't shake the notion that this dude is NOT Muslim (not saying there's anything wrong with that personally. But, in America -- let's keep it real -- Islam is not popular amongst many white folks since 9/11). All of these thoughts have been fed, in one way or another, by Hill and her surrogates. That's why I'll never support her. She has taken an otherwise equal candidate on many positions and dragged him through the mud using vaccuous and impertient issues like race and religion just to gain a political advantage. If you're down with that, continue supporting the Hillster.