Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mommy dearest

Well Anna Jarvis might be spinning in her grave for my saying this, but Happy Mothers Day to you moms out there. Regardless to that whole "...and God made man" thing, you're the real reason we're all here. Thank you.

Relax fellas. I'll give the dads their props pretty soon.


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Diane J. said...

Thanks, Andre. I suppose it'd be rather inappropriate to wish you a Happy Mother's Day as well. ;o)

So, Happy Mother's Day to your Mama! She done good.

Love and hugs,


Andre said...

Well, hello there Di. It's the Monday after and -- as always -- I'm literally "a day late...". All the same, Happy (Belated) Mother's day to you and Jess!

If anybody's done good, I'd say it was you!

Love and hugs redirected to you. :)

heiresschild said...

thanks Andre. that was a good article. most, if not all of the holidays have become so commercialized, and it seems that each year, people have to outdo their own selves for a better gift the next year. i don't think Anna Jarvis minds wishing Moms Happy Mother's Day.