Thursday, April 17, 2008

ABC = Absolutely Biased (for) Clinton

Am I simply a blind Obama supporter or was ABC's "debate" between Sens. Obama and Clinton last night overtly biased in Hill's favor? I would liken this debate debacle to a crusade against Obama, but that would be too nice of me to say. This was sabbotage; through and through. And I'm not the only person who seems to think so.

For starters, George Stephanopoulos; a loyal Clinton supporter and former advisor was one of the moderators. Red flag, anyone? As if that somehow wasn't enough, he and Charles Gibson were pitching Obama fastballs full of titaniam, while tossing underhanded pitches to Hill with softballs filled with marshmellows. That, to me, makes for a pretty unbalanced homerun derby (or is it that ABC debate questions = performance enhancers for Hillary?).

On top of everything, not only were the questions clearly pointed, but they were tragically shallow; considering that America is facing more crises than we've ever experienced. For that matter, most of the MSM has been disappointing me so far. Rather than focusing on international policy, economic matters, this endless war, etc.; areas like Rev. Wright, lapels, "bitter" citizens, etc. all keep finding their way to the forefront. On one hand, the candidates need a national forum to put these stories to rest. But once they've sufficiently addressed them they NEED to actually be put to rest.

CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC putting out dismal performances is pretty expected. They're serving special interests of their respective networks. But ABC should know better. Shame on them.


Here's the director's cut of the PA debates that we didn't get to see:

**UPDATE (Again)**

On the real, Obama has responded to that ridiculously biased debate. Check it out:


8 "Insiders" spoke their mind. Join in...:

KC said...

Man! Georgy Porgey couldn't wait to get his hands on Obama. This "debate" was biased from the start.

Maybe Barack should reconsider going on Fox News for a debate. He get a much warmer reception there than he did on ABC.

Cynthia said...

No love for a brotha in the "City of Brotherly Love". The irony is apparent.

Andre said...

@ KC: It took every ounce of my being for me not to book a flight to Philly, grab a cab to the Convention Center, smack a couple of security guards around, rush the stage, and dropkick Stephy and Gibson during this debate. This was an insult to journalism in every sense of the word.

@ Cyn: LOL! Good one!

nic said...

This fact that this debate was nothing more than a joke shouldn't have been as much of a surprise as it has turned out to be. After all, on the very same day, a Yahoo news headline read "Mariah Carey Loses 20lbs, Drops 3 Dress Sizes".

Our political system is beginning to reflect our ridiculous, gossipy culture. In 2012, they'll turn the whole thing into a "Reality" show. Yikes.


Andre said...

What Nic? You mean to tell me that Mariah losing weight isn't as important as over 4,000 dead troops, hundreds of thousands dead Iraqis, $3.53 per gallon gas, millions of uninsured Americans, and millions more unemployed?

I for one think that a skinny Mariah is FAR more important than all of that other mess. Thank you very much.

heiresschild said...

dirty politics for sure. and mariah carey is a whole other post.

The H.C. said...

Hey Dre,
I'm one of the very few pundits that didn't think Hillary won hands down. I thought Barack held his own and showed class under fire. It did bother me however, to see Snuffalupicus doing the moderating. Heck, why not just send Bill Clinton himself??? I don't really think that the bias of having George moderating was lost on too many people. And that's a plus for Obama in my eyes. The more the Clinton's show themselves through their dirty tricks, the more people are reminded why they didn't trust them much to begin with.

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