Monday, March 17, 2008

Shake that money maker

I'm gonna leave this topic alone, mostly because it's not worth the time it takes to blog about it (You know; that whole war, bad economy, upcoming presidential election thing ranks a little higher on the priority list). But Jay Smooth makes a brilliant and compelling argument aimed at folks accusing the Spitzer call girl of being a sexual opportunist:

Of course, she really is a sexual opportunist. But hey: if the demand is there, why not offer the supply?


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Cynthia said...

I WOULD say that it would help to have a little bit of talent along with sex appeal (I'm sorry: does she have that?). But talent doesn't explain Britney's career.

Cynthia said...

Andre, in light of your recent comments, you might be interested to know that Dupree was just offer a cool million to be on Girls Gone Wild.

Here's the link

Andre said...

I think I'm gonna head up to Lansing, get caught up in a sex scandal with a certain Canadian governor of mine, and get broke off. I'm sick of being poor.

Besides, she's kinda a "I'm-one-of-the-worst-governors-in-the-history-of-all-governors" sort of way.

GA girl said...

I like this guy. He seems pretty on point. Do you know him?