Monday, February 11, 2008

The Presidential Duel

Here's a little in-your-face humor for those of you following the No-Holds Barred, Steel cage match between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Warning: supporters of either candidate run the risk of being offended by these skits. But, c'mon people: they're just jokes.

Sort of.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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Carmen D. said...

Fantastic!! Great finds!!!

Andre said...

Carm, what I think is most interesting about these clips is that I suspect they represent many people's closeted ideas about Hill and Barack. Except for a few obnoxious pundits and some over the top comedians, the greater society tends to keep their thoughts to themselves. It's only in the privacy of the voting booths does the "real" person come out.

Thank God that bloggers have saved the day, right?! :)

Cynthia said...

LOL! This was VERY funny! I especially like the Rudy part. But it's almost like "Insert GOP Candidate here". By the time Clinton and Obama finish off each other, the Republican candidate can just slide in and steal the show.

Cynthia said...

I meant to say that the Rudy part was funny...not that I support him! Had to make that clear. :)

Greeneyes said...

My Greeneyed KING ,

It is Funny .you have a sense of humour ,got to love that!
One can always count on you for the political joke!!!
I hope your vote wins .
Also hope you are keeping warm and not working to hard (like telling the snow not to flake !), and doing something special for your "girl" on valentines (that would be this Thursday the 14th in case you needed the heads up .(evil grin) ;-}.

Stay warm and flu free
God Bless you Handsome .:)


beachgirl said...

Good comedy for the election season. I keep watching the candidates drop like fleas. I am enjoying watching Hillary get creamed by Obama. Only the strong survive;.

Have an awesome day.

Joanne said...

Very funny videos! Good post.

The African-American man looks familiar. Do you know who he is?

Andre said...

@ Cyn: I sometimes wonder how true you are. Hill and Barack have been using a lot of their time and resources trying to claw at each other. Will they have enough to finish off McCain? We shall see.

@ Greeny: Thanks for the vote of confidence. Pun intended...

*crickets chirping*

@ Carol: "I am enjoying watching Hillary get creamed by Obama."

You've got quite the aggresive streak going on here. I think my work is done.

@ Joanne: The man is Jordan Peele and the woman is Lisa Donovan (aka LisaNova). Both were on MadTV (though I think Jordan was a full time cast member while Lisa had brief stints with the show). They're both hilarious!