Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My rich friend

I just got the coolest email from my dear friend Peter Wong. Apparently, it's one of many:


I am Mr. Peter Wong I work with Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong, Executive Director and i have this transaction proposal of $44.5million USD for you. Should you be intarested I will prefer you send me your 1,FULL NAME. 2,COMPLETE HOME ADRESS. 3,OCCUPATION. 4,PHONE NUMBER.

Below is my email account you can reach me with. Your earliest response to this letter will be appreciated. I await your response.

MR Peter Wong.

Yeaaaaah, buddy. I'm finally about to get that payday I've been waiting for all this time! And to think, all I need to do is disclose all my personal information to some fictitious dude in Nigeria.

Anybody else wanna get down?


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The H.C. said...

Hey Dre,
I wonder how many people in Hong Kong are named "Peter"? You know Dre, I'm starting to think this guy might not be for real.

nic said...

*Pencils in all of HC's information & sends it to God knows where/who*


Anonymous said...

What! you no claim your monies!!!!!!!!!!!I think you should ,there is only one teeeeeny downfall ;0) , by the time they get your info your identity will be gone to someone else with existing credit and you wouldnt be able to claim it ! ,TEE HEE ,LOL
Sad scams ,poor believers,bet there are a few who fall in that crack .Twisted world .......


heiresschild said...

not just a few, but a lot of people fall for those scams!