Friday, February 15, 2008

My Beefed Up Sense of Security

This morning while I was getting ready for work, I got a stunning revelation from ESPN's Sportscenter that I'd like to share with you all.

Apparently, America is in the best shape it's ever been in and we can all feel completely safe now.

How did a sports news show help me come to that conclusion? Well, it's simple. In the face of a miserable economy, an endless war, insane oil prices, corruption in high offices, a vast immigration problem, rampant violence, illegal and legal drug epidemics, lousy schools, etc; the 110th Congress has enough time to make steorid usuage in professional baseball a major issue.

I find a certain solice in knowing that with all these Congressional hearings going on, all of the aforementioned problems (and then some) have been taken care of. I mean, when you have time to go on and on with investigations and hearings about cheating in baseball, you must have lots of free time on your hands. Whew! That's a relief. Apparently, I was getting all worked about that other stuff for nothing.

*End of Sarcasm*

OK. I understand that we're talking about some serious anti-trust ramifications affected by millionaire athletes who cheat in sports. But at the end of the day, this really is JUST A GAME! It bothers me that Congress has so much interest in this topic.

Kinda makes those consistently low approval ratings make a little bit of sense, yes?


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KC said...

On top of the fact that the nation is facing FAR MORE critical issues, Andy Petitte came out and told about Clemens. Even Roger Clemens' own wife came out and admitted to HGH usage. Why is Congress wasting any more time on this nonsense?

J.Alex said...

The answer is simple: Roger Clemens is America's baseball sweetheart. If this were Barry "Bad Boy" Bonds on tiral, it would be over before it even began!

Andre said...

J: I think you hit it. So many people are going to bed with Clemens that they don't wanna face the possibility that he's a cheater. Barry Bonds and Marion Jones will get crucified in a second. Roger Clemens gets defended by half of the House Committee on Oversight and Governmental Reform.

J. Alex said...


Sports is always trying to find their heroes. In fact, Rep. Burton from Indiana actually called Clemems a "titan". All this before he tried to crucify McNamee. Clemens is lying, no doubt. But these people don't want to accept that.

heiresschild said...

america's priorities are definitely out of order.