Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snub 'O War

OK. So President Bush gave his final State of the Union address the other night which, if you like recycled speeches, wasn't too bad. He droned on about how the state of the Union is strong, reminded us about how we must continue taking the fight to the enemy, and spewed some other drivel that has come to personify the SOTU speeches over the past few years. Nothing new there.

But perhaps the highlight of the evening (or, should I say, one of the highlights) was the now infamous "Senator snub job" allegedly given to Hillary Clinton by Barack Obama. As some sources have indicated, Clinton came by to acknowledge Senior Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) after the speech; during which time Obama was photographed with his back turned away from her.

Oooooooooooooh! How riveting! I haven't heard such juicy gossip since the Flint Northern/Northwestern marching band fight back in high school.

Just in case y'all can't tell from my tone, I'm being sarcastic.

From some of the blogs and op-eds I've checked out, people are suggesting that this 'snub job' makes Obama a political hypocrite: being ostensibly committed to alleviating (if not completely tearing down) bad relationships that the U.S. has created and sustained with its enemies, while not even being able to acknowledge Hillary. Normally, I'd consider that viewpoint pretty valid. But accepting a proclamation like that at face value would be so unlike me without also considering the counter; especially in light of everything that has gone down since the start of the Democratic primaries.

First, let's consider the source of this whole story: one still shot frozen in time. CNN recently aired a segment, Campaign Killers, where former and current ad executives discuss various tactics used to attack someone politically (interesting, given how CNN themselves have been known to distort the truth. Most media folks are guilty as charged in that respect). Anyway, included in those stunts are identifying the most incriminating photos you can find; even if the act -- in larger context -- is no where near as damning. Any person with even a remote sense of celebrity runs the risk of being exposed for a split second engaging in something that completely gets distorted.

Secondly, to snub someone implies that you are casually dismissing their attempt to address you directly. As far as I can tell, Senator Clinton came by to address Senator Kennedy (which I admit was an interesting move, considering that he is now endorsing Obama). Any other acknowledgment is secondary. Addressing Clinton may have been the polite thing to do. But not addressing Clinton wasn't necessarily impolite.

Lastly, lest we forget; Clinton and Obama have been involved in a series of heated exchanges lately. Though most of the blows came vicariously from hubby Bill (who -- interestingly is used to being the one getting the blows. *snicker*), B.E.T. sell-out Bob Johnson, or Hillary's staff, it's no secret that Hill has been pulling out all the stops herself as well. So if the snub was really a snub, I welcome it. In a chamber full of enemies making fake, half-assed attempts to play nice for the cameras, I welcome a second or two of realness. If anything, my view pleasure would've been increased somewhat after watching a slugfest. I mean, for a while I was a diehard devotee to the WWE for crying out loud. This snubjob is childplay in comparison. Well, I guess you could say that it's pretty child-like anyway.


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J. Alex said...

Personally, I think this is yet another storyline that the media is trying to add to an already complicated story. Can we "snub" them?

Anonymous said...

Honestly, if I were Obama I wouldn't shake her hand either.

Ever since she declared herself a candidate, she's done nothing but use dirty and shrewd tactics in this campaign. That's why Sen. Kennedy endorsed Obama instead of her.

I read that one of the former heads of the National Organization for Women withdrew her support for Clinton in favor of Obama because Clinton told lies about Obama not being pro-choice. She's tried to supress votes from young people, union officials, and casino workers. Now she's trying to push for delegate seats in Michigan and Florida just because she won.

The lady is shrewd all around. She's shameless, classless, and souless. I wouldn't want to touch her either.

KC said...

Now that John Edwards has pulled out of the race (or so I heard after he came in third in S. Carolina, his home state), I wonder which major candidate he's going to snub.

Andre said...

@ J: I wouldn't doubt anything you said. What better way to add fuel to the fire than with a little personality conflict?

@ Anonymous: Dag! How do you really feel?!

But I agree, Hillary has wound up being a much different (as in "worse") person than I originally thought she was. She's told some major whoppers; and not just about Obama. Even if he did snub her, he's a bigger man than I am. I would've did it a long time ago.

@ KC: I heard about Edwards leaving too. I'm a little disappointed (I think. I'm not sure anymore). But it at least sets the stage for Hillary/Barack in a steel cage. Can't wait!

Ellena said...

I happen to be a fan of Hillary's. She's making incredible strides for women. It's no suprise to me that men can't come to grips with that and show her the respect she's entitled. Senator Obama was wrong for this, even if it was ony in the form of blantant disrespect for another Senator. IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Ellena, I respect your right to support whomever you'd like. I just don't have the same faith in her. I think that she's a conniving, vindictive, and classless person who would eat her young to get ahead. I don't know if Presidential races by law tend to bring out the worst in people, but it certain is the case with Senator Clinton. I can only imagine how bad it will be if she wins the Democratic nomination.

I should also point out that while people are questioning Obama's experience, she doesn't exactly have an impressive resume behind her name when it comes to running a country. And no being first lady doesn't count.

Andre said...

@ Anonymous and Ellena; I'm a little torn with Hillary. I like the old Hillary. But this reincarnation is not so desirable. This new Hillary, I'm sorry to say, is a close duplicate to George Bush (pushing certain polarizing ideas for instance). Except, of course, she has breasts...

Cynthia said...

If this snubbing is true, it doesnt suprise me one bit. The very nature of this Presidential campaign calls for the combatants to go after each other. In this case, as you put it Dre, they were just more open about it.

Cynthia said...

LOL @ The thought of Pres. Bush with boobs! :P

heiresschild said...

was it really a snub or just the point in time when the cameras decided to snap the photo? makes me think of your previous post, "Knowing the Man." the moral of the story: get to know the other man (in this case, look at how Obama's been; i haven't seen him rude or disrespectful). nothing further your honor. i rest my case.

beachgirl said...

Andre I snubbed the State of The Union address. I must say it was refreshing.
Obama / Hillary:
I do believe the snub was probably not a snub. Just getting out of the way. Which anyone would do considering the situation in the first place. He does have class.

On the primary front down here in Florida I did vote. Only because a classmate of my oldest son was running for City Council and i wanted him to have at least a few votes. Let's hear it for a gutsy 29 year old who didn't stand a chance. But got into the race anyway. Our delegates didn't count anyway for the primary.

I am just waiting for the elections to get closer and see who's left standing. Then I'll see who I like. I have even stopped watching the news. SSDD.

I hope everyone who loves the politics has a great time. I'll pass and go to the beach or for a ride.

Andre said...

@ Cyn: Bush with "boobs" is about as appealing as seeing Cheney with a vagina. *Shudders*

@ Sylv: Great points you raised. But politics has never been about truth, personality, kindness. It's about pushing an agenda. In this case, the media is clearly trying to add this to the plethora of other events; thus turning the Obama/Clinton showdown into 'one for the ages'. Basically, the media's trying to be Don King.

@ Carol: "I snubbed the State of The Union address. I must say it was refreshing."


Are you sure you snubbed it and that somebody didn't just happen to take a picture of you with your back against the TV? :)

I heard that many people came out to vote in the Florida primaries because there was something about property taxes on the ballot. If that's true, coupled by your revelation about your City council buddy, I wonder how many people are gonna show up for the real election when it hits. Anybody's guess.

The H.C. said...

Great post! I have to congratulate you on your political expertise in answering people's questions. Your getting to be quite the pundit. A point to consider; While I don't think an Edwards endorsement will mean a whole lot (the people that dislike Hillary will go for Obama no matter what John says) I do think that we're not considering the most important endorsement that Barack could hope for-Al Gore. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if Al endorses anyone it will be Barack. Think of how often we've seen Gore with either of the Clintons over the past two years. It seems most everyone that has had direct dealings with Hillary doesn't like her. (I can supply a long list if anyone wants it) As far as the "snub", I think "anonymous" pretty much covered the way I feel about it.

The H.C. said...

I'm a little insulted by your assertion that if I don't like Hillary it must be because she's a women instead of because I have no respect for her as a politician. I'm a white male who supports Barack, but if I didn't like him it wouldn't be because he's black. Food for thought for you; There have been 42 females in the Presidential suite of the White House sleeping next to the President (James Buchanan was the only single man) The number of blacks in that same suite-ZERO. Another thought; While women have been at the helm of many other countries (Margaret Thatcher or Golda Meir for instance), what NEVER happens is that a marginalized minority group gets to lead a country. How many Catholics have lead the U.K? How many Muslims have lead France? The fact is, most of the world is fascinated that we would elect anyone from a group that is only 13% of the U.S. population. That shows more about the greatness of America than if we elect a women. I'm sorry. You know, on another note, it IS possible for men to judge people without prejudice. You really shouldn't be so quick to throw us all in one catagory just because we disagree with you.

Anonymous said...

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heiresschild said...

Carol, what is SSDD?

Andre, i love these topics. next!