Monday, November 19, 2007

Blogger of the Month

Now that I've been able to finally get through midterms, get some sleep, recover from the debacle that is University of Michigan football and set two minutes aside to stop being mad at the world I can get back into the blogging scene. Somewhat. Indeed, there's plenty to talk about, but when I put myself in the frame of mind to post, I invariably find that I don't have the time. But I will at least take a moment to recognize this month's featured blogger: Sylvia; AKA "HeiressChild."

Like most of my other cyberfriends, I have no idea how I first came across Sylvia. I suppose if I traced back far enough to some previous posts, I'll find our first conversation. But in the interest of not doing any additional legwork, I'll just say that I met her at the post office.

Sylvia's screen name is derived from a Biblical passage that proclaims that she is a joint heir(ess) with Jesus. But truthfully, I didn't need a screen name to remind me that Sylvia's a woman of God. She ejects that kind of Spirit anyway. True, I've never met her in person. But if her real-life persona even remotely matches her on-screen identity, I have every confidence that she is indeed living a life that is pleasing to God.

What I particularly enjoy about Sylvia's site is that she provides a forum that I often use as a much needed assurance of God's goodness. I think we all know how good God is; but sometimes we need to be reminded. When I read about her daily struggles, how she fights to overcome them, and how she clings closer to God in the process, I get a sense of encouragment which I can then apply to my own life. Furthermore, I enjoy her positive insight on things (usually as a clear contrast to my negativity), her ability to open new networks (I've met quite a few interesting people through her site), and the fact that -- like me -- she loves Jeopardy. :)

If you haven't done so already, stop by her place. You'll be blessed for it.


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Joanne said...

What a lovely tribute. I've been by Sylvia's site and I agree. She's a very annointed and inspiring person! It almost makes me want to start a blog!

Congratulations! :)

HeiressChild said...
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HeiressChild said...

ahhhh, thank you joanne. that is so sweet of you. if you ever did start your own blog, i believe you'd really enjoy it. thanx again!

HeiressChild said...

andre, you have made my day. i love the picture! i was sitting at my computer trying to compile my christmas list of songs for my blog (with little success so far) when i got your email. I AM SO EXCITED to be your blogger of the month!

i'm really honored and encouraged. there are many ways of witnessing for Jesus, and i try to just be myself, letting God's light shine thru. thank you so much for your kind, inspiring words. they're much appreciated and i'm really humbled by them.

just for the record, i came here via greeneyes blog when you had left comments there one day. i came in the midst of a real good discussion, as i've found out all of your posts lead to good discussions. and the rest is history......

The H.C. said...

Congratulations Sylvia!!
An excellent choice Andre. Sylvia is both intelligent and kind, thoughtful and respectful. Well-grounded people like her are an inspiration to the rest of us to try harder.

Greeneyes said...

Congratulations! :) Sylvia/Heiresschild ! A very nice tribute post about a wonderful ,intelligent,spiritual,
compassionate woman. Rounded out by pleasant personailty and thought provoking ,uplifting posts , she is a blessing to us blogging friends , Check her out!!!!


HeiressChild said...

thank you h.c., it's good to see you here and to know that you're still around. thanx greeneyes as always for your kind and inspiring words.

Greeneyes said...

Ok King Andre , put the Turkey and dressing down and come back to us here !LOL



HeiressChild said...

actually greeneyes, i'm wondering did andre eat the turkey or did the turkey eat him, since he hasn't been back here. LOL

The H.C. said...

Hi Andre fans,
I went to check up on Dre and apparently he took off to warmer climates for a vacation (Florida). The going rumor is he'll be back sometime later this week.

Anonymous said...

First time coming thru...Nice blog you got here...commentary is on point!Definitely wont be my last visit!