Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Political humor

Truthfully, I haven't been a huge Hillary fan lately. Frankly, she's got a lot of work to do before she can earn my affection. Still, I was pleasantly suprised to see that she's got a pretty good sense of humor, as evidenced by this campaign ad:

Just in case you didn't get the joke, this ad was a parody on the series finale of the hit TV show The Sopranos. Some die hard fans had some issues with the way the series ended, but I for one thought it was genius. Check it out:

But, back to Hillary. As I said, she's not on my friend's list right now. But at least I can count on her for a good laugh. This before she gives me a good laugh on her foreign policy.


10 "Insiders" spoke their mind. Join in...:

KC said...

At least this isn't a Guiliani bit. I've seen some of his work and let me tell you, it was pretty forgettable.

Andre said...

KC, I hear that Mitt Romney tried to do something similar. Unfortunately, though, the restaurant wasn't big enough to accommodate all of his wives.


KC said...

Dre, do you think Hil got wacked at the end?

Anonymous said...

Stephen Colbert for president!


The H.C. said...

Hey Dre,
You know, of course, they don't write this stuff themselves. This is just a effort by some talented image agent to soften Hill Billary up.
I know I haven't dropped that Beck's off yet, but it's on my to do list.

Andre said...

@ KC: Nope. Just Tony.

@ Nic: I saw some of Colbert's plugs on Larry King, the Daily Show, and the Report. Is he serious?

It's hard to take a satirist too seriously.

@ HC: "You know, of course, they don't write this stuff themselves."

I figured as much. All the same, she had to be a pretty good sport to go through with. Especially since the pundits will somehow spin this as Hil endorsing terrorism.

J. Alex said...

Being one of the disappointed fans of whom you spoke, I can't forgive Hillary for reopening the painful wound of the Sopranos final episode.

Damn her!

Cynthia said...

LOL @ Smashmouth! Although I have to come clean: I love "All Star". Hahahaha!

Very funny skit.

Megan said...

I never got into the Sopranos phenomenon, but I showed my brother (who LOVES that show) this clip. He thought it was hilarious.

Greeneyes said...

♥♥Hello My handsome Greeneyed King,

Sopranos , one of the best tv programs ever , I have it on disk and enjoy it whenever I get the chance ,the video here on your post is great advertising on behalf of "Hillary's "Team .

So are politics becoming more alluring for you , you should run LMBO
Hope your well ,
Take care /God bless.