Monday, October 08, 2007

Blogger of the Month

One cool thing that I've taken from blogging over the past two years is the interaction that I've had with the diverse people from around the globe. I've debated, learned from, and exchanged thoughts with folks whose blogs reflect their unique personalities.

So as a component of me tracing my walk through cyberspace, I've decided to toss out the occasional "shout outs" to other bloggers out there. On one hand, I guess this is my way of thanking them for edifying me in their own ways. On another hand, this is my attempt to get you hip to other folks out there in the blogosphere.

I was going to start with my amigo the Hippie Conservative but it seems that right now he's got some technical difficulties he needs to work out (yeah, I called you out. Take that!). So I'll go somewhere else for my virgin "shout out" post:

My first featured blogger is my cyber homegirl, Mariana.

I'm not sure when I first met Mari. But since I did, she's become one of my favorite bloggers. Most of her blog follows her day-to-day activities; which admittedly don't necessarily speak to my need to stay hip to all the latest news and social commentary of the day. To that extent, I suppose we don't have much commonality. All the same, I still find myself enamored by how she sees the world; especially as she views it through the eyes of a student. I especially like how she's as fun, socialable, and cool as they come; but she can also buckle down and take care of business when she needs to. I think that what amazes me most about Mari is how incredibly sharp she is. She's successfully finished a four-year degree, graduate school, and her first semester of med school. What's more; she's only in her mid-twenties.

You should check her out some time. I think you'll find her just as interesting as I do.


14 "Insiders" spoke their mind. Join in...:

Marianita said...

awww... thanks

But why on EARTH did you choose that picture?! I'm a former Cane and a current Gator. That helmet should have never touched my head.

Either way, thanks for the honor of being blogger of the month!

Joanne said...

Nice tribute, Andre. This young lady sounds like an incredible person. This gives me a renewed hope in people born after 1975.

No offense, of course! :)

KC said...

I would've been inclined to agree that Mariana seems cool. Then I read her comments about being a Cane AND a Gator. From that point on, the girl's stock plummeted. Sorry M.

Andre said...

@ Mari: Congrats on having such an honor bestowed on you.

Sorry for using the said picture. But at least I now know that it will be the perfect blackmail material for you.

*I wonder if I can get the scoreboard guy to flash this picture at the next Florida game*

@ Joanne: offense taken. I think.

@ KC: I'm with you on the whole Florida teams thing, dawg. As if one of those crappy schools wasn't enough, she went to two of 'em. Oh well. Nobody's perfect...

The H.C. said...

Hey Dre,
I went to Marianita's site and I couldn't agree more, she seems a gifted writer and thinker. Congrats Marianita! I'm not sure what "technical difficulties" I'm having, but maybe I could still have a shot at Video of the Month?

Andre said...

@ HC: You know what "technical issues" I'm referring to.

*Sticks fingers in ears and pretends not to listen to anything HC has to say*

The H.C. said...

Hey Dre,
I want to know how you feel about the Democrats (thanks to our illustrious Governor) denying you a chance to vote for Barrack? Is that on your agenda? Inquiring minds need to know.

Andre said...

Hippie, I was actually planning to write a post about this, but I decided that it wasn't worth my time.

I actually think the Michigan Democratic Committee was on to something by trying to push the primaries a little earlier. I mean, by the time the primaries hit our state, most of the 'legitimate' candidates are already on the ballot. I think that's a sham.

Since half of the Dems don't think that Michiganders matter enough to break some ridiculous rule from the DNC, it looks like I'm gonna have to go with my alternative for this year's election: Ron Paul. Sorry Barack. I gave you a chance...

HeiressChild said...

um andre, for blogger of the month, you have "mariana," but her blog (see her name on the 1st posting here) says "marianita." am i missing something?

good tribute to her.

Andre said...

@ Sylv: I'll defer that one to Mariana/Marianita.

Personally, I think Marianita is her alter ego...

The H.C. said...

hey Dre,
"I actually think the Michigan Democratic Committee was on to something by trying to push the primaries a little earlier. I mean, by the time the primaries hit our state, most of the 'legitimate' candidates are already on the ballot. I think that's a sham."
48 states agree with you, that's the problem.

Andre said...

@ Hippie: As much as I hate to admit it, nonsense like this primary/caucus crap provides evidence that we need to revisit the way put people in office. An overhaul of the Constitution, perhaps?!

*I can see Rod salivating now*

Marianita said...

What technical difficulties are you having on your blog, Andre?

@ kc: ouch, man! I don't actually care about sports, I just happen to have gone to UM for undergrad and am at UF for med school.

@ heiress: "Marianita" is like a nickname for "Mariana" in Spanish. It's like saying "little Mariana." Although I am not hispanic/Latin, I grew up in Miami (aka Cuba), and my parents and other adults always called me "Marianita."

Andre said...


As far as I can tell I'm not having technical issues. All I needed was for you to resolve the Mariana/Marianita thing; which it looks like you did. Thanks.

Now get back to studying.