Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Apocalypse of College Football

Just to recap things up to this point:

- Michigan loses to Appalachian State at home. They then get blown out the next week; also at home.

- Notre Dame starts its season off at 0-5.

- Florida loses two games in a row; one of which is to an unranked Auburn at home.

- Five of the nation's top ten teams all lose in one week. Three more lose the weekend after that.

- Southern Cal loses to an unranked Stanford at home, while facing a second string quarterback.

- LSU, the number one rated team in the nation, loses to Kentucky.

- On the same day, number two California loses to an unranked Oregon State at home.

- The University of South Florida and Boston College are in the top five in BCS scoring.

This is all further evidence that the end is near.


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JJM said...

I hear you on this one Andre. This season has been insane all around. Unfortunately, the jokes about the season can't stop with the Maize and Ewww!

Andre said...

J, this isn't the time to hate on Michigan. Last I checked, at least U of M was in the BCS standings. Can't say the same for your Boo-ins.

HeiressChild said...

well, as you know from previous comments here, i'm not very sports saavy. yesterday, i was flipping thru the channels while talking to my daughter on the phone, and mentioned that the cowboys were ahead of NEbraska. my daughter said there's no team called Nebraska, and i said yes there is, NE is the abbreviation for nebraska. after she finally finished laughing, she told me the NE stands for New England. i know this is pro football and you're talking about college football, but just thought i'd share this bit of humor. or sadness, depending on how you look at it.

Andre said...

*Shaking my head @ Sylvia*

Egad, lady!

Anonymous said...

Apocalypse!? No! College football is almost synonymous w/ upset, which makes it 1000x more entertaining than professional football. Games like this past weekend's LSU/Kentucky match-up is why me & millions like me tune-in each & every Saturday...and Friday...and sometimes Thursday and Sunday. ;)

Now if the powers that be could actually think logically for once & create a playoff system instead of this travesty known as the BCS, then I would think the apocalypse is upon us.


Cynthia] said...

Another sports thing. Sorry, can't relate.