Saturday, September 08, 2007

Irreconcilible differences, part II

I couldn't make this crap up on my best day.


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KC said...

Sorry Dre, but your boys are done! Don't kill the messenger.

Megan said...

Sigh! Boys and their silly sports. :P

HeiressChild said...

sorry to interrupt your evening andre, because it appears your team lost again, but have you ever seen this movie called the 25th hour? if so, i've seen it twice and can't quite figure out the ending.

Greeneyes said...

Tee hee ,
sorry My King ! guess your steamed about the game ,but you took some sweet pics that day ,eye candy ,gotta love it!


Andre said...

@ KC: *Loading a shotgun and aiming it directly at the messenger.

@ Megan: I see you have no appreciation for a guy's suffering. Thanks for nothing! ;-)

@ Heiress: I actually haven't seen the movie so I can't speak to it. But I'll see if I can rent it this week and try to make some sense out it. Besides, that'll give me a much needed distraction from U of M football for a while.

@ Greeny: Those were the "before" pics. The "afters" weren't so cheery.

ajbendaƱa said...

Head up Andre, look on the bright side. Oh crap, there is no bright side... Wait! Lloyd Carr is gonna get fired. I knew there was something to be cheerful about. Better luck next decade cause this is GATOR TIME.

The funny thing is that both UMs got routed. U of Miami got owned by Oklahoma. Sad days for the Maize (Black)and Blue.

Andre said...

@ Aldo: Funny thing; I actually never had any problems with Lloyd. But I did start to question him when he failed to lobby for Michigan being in the big game last season (let's face it: Urban Meyer got Florida in the BCS game more than Florida did). With that nonsense and this season's debacle being the motivation, I think Carr's time needs to wrap up now. I mean, how many 'elite' programs can go through losing bowl games all over the place AND against heated rivals?

I'm not trippin' on Miami getting owned. They're supposed to. They've sucked since Ken Dorsey and crew left. But Michigan was freakin' ranked in the nation's TOP FIVE!!! This is unexcusable. But then again, maybe it was the crappy pre-season ranking system. It's always been a joke. Perhaps we were *gulp* overrated to begin with.

**In an unrelated note, I'm a little nervous about the Cowboys this season. They D left some pretty scary question marks...**

ajbendaƱa said...

Tell me about it, Roy Williams has been pissing me off when it comes to coverage. He blew his assignment on the 3 TD for Plaxico. He was in position to make the pick and blew it. I am still scratching my head at the fact that the boyz released Arron Glenn, he may be old but he is still solid and would have helped out alot yesterday with T-new being sidelined with the dreaded Plantar faciatis dont know if thats how you spell it but I have it and hate it. To and insult to injury, we lost DT Fergie for the season with a torn bicep. We are desperately in need of CB and DT, but I think that once T-new comes back things will be better. Romo is sick!

Nic said...

"But then again, maybe it was the crappy pre-season ranking system."

Exactly. There are 1,000 reasons why the media & coaches shouldn't have as much influence on the rankings as they do now (actually, they are the only influence).

"Perhaps we were *gulp* overrated to begin with."

But, UofM football did return many of it's starters (many of which bypassed a high draft pick & tons of $$$ for another chance @ the Championship &/or OSU), so a season that was, @ the very least, comparable to last season was expected by just about everybody.
'Tis a bloody shame. But as somebody who bleeds green & white, I am very much looking forward to this Saturdays UofM/ND game, especially since they have NEVER both started 0-2 'til this year. May the best of the two Lose? Ahhh, nevermind.


Joanne said...


Sorry? :)