Thursday, September 20, 2007

Holy corny humor!

I guess you can file this post under "U" for useless. It won't have any social relevance, provide any spiritual insight, or make you reexamine your life or the world you live in. It's just funny as hell.

I was watching the 1966 Batman movie on TV a few nights ago. Though I've seen it a hundred times, it doesn't get any less hilarious. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that this superhero flick came out before computer graphics allowed us to see the X-men's cool powers, Spiderman's ability to swing from New York high rises, or Johnny Storm and the Silver Surfer to duking it out in mid air. Or perhaps it had something to do with the producers growing up in the age of Howdy Doody. I don't know for sure. But whatever the case; this movie is so ridiculously cheesy, I can't help but to laugh uncontrollably each time I watch it.

Here for instance, our intrepid hero is fighting off a shark rigged with explosives. Thank God for shark repellant Batspray:

Who could ever forget how Batman and his "devishly clever" sidekick Robin were able to brilliantly solve riddles:

It's always good to know that if you need to get rid of an Acme-styled bomb without hurting unsuspecting citizens, you can always rely on good ole Batman:

And of course, what episode would be complete without the fight scenes? Splat! Wham! Biff! Zock!

You know, maybe I was wrong about one thing: the 1960's version of Batman definitely caused me to reexamine my life. LOL!


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JQ said...

I have forgotten just how funny that movie is. My brother and i used to get hysterical about the Shark repellent.
"...They may be drinkers but they are still human.",just hilarious.

Greeneyes said...

Andre my King ,
Thank you so much for the laugh , I havent seen this in years!loved it ,and I wouldnt want to be waiting on Robin to come down a ladder and save me , can ya say "SLOW"! not very agile was he LOL .
Take care

HeiressChild said...

holy cornball andre, so the next time there's a terrorist attack, they should call on batman and not homeland security. biff, bam, splat!

Cynthia said...

Lawd have mercy! I didn't even watch this show and I couldn't stop laughing! "A sparrow with a machine gun?!" ROFL!

The H.C. said...

Hey Dre,
How about the "Bat Rehydrater"? that they used to rehydrate the Great Lakes? Classics! They don't make them like that anymore! I had such a crush on Catwoman! I think it was the first time I noticed cravings below the utility belt. Thanks for the nostalgia.

KC said...

The sum of the angles of how bad this movie stinks is too monsterous to contemplate!

Joanne said...

I feel like I'm telling on myself and my age, but my older brother couldn't get enough of this show. I never watched it. And judging by the clips, I'm glad I didn't.

Cynthia said...

I'm sorry: I hate to keep going back, but "a sparrow with a machine gun?!" LOL! What's even funnier is that the other two men are like "Of course!"; as if the answer was sooo obvious! Hahahaha!

Kim said...


don't you have some homework or something to do?

Andre said...

@ JQ: The dust separator they used to sort out the dehydrated particles of those world leaders was the best. Batman's gadgets were hot. LOL!

@ Greeny: Undoubtedly the greatest superhero programming in HISTORY!

@ Sylv: Michael Chertoff's got nothin' on Adam West. No doubt about it.

@ Cyn: Yep. A sparrow with a machine gun.

@ Hippie: "I had such a crush on Catwoman! I think it was the first time I noticed cravings below the utility belt."

Dude, saying stuff like that isn't gonna help my blog any in getting a "G" rating. Sheesh!

*whispering* But, I feel you...

@ KC: Don't hate on the script. It's some of the best writing ever.

@ Joanne: Gasp! You didn't watch Batman?! You poor soul. Rent the movie...NOW!

@ Kim: Wha...? A brotha can't get give himself some time to laugh his ass off? Really?!