Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Team Obama

I guess it's official. As of today, I'm a volunteer to work on Senator Barack Obama's campaign for Presidency.

On the one hand, I can't believe that I decided to volunteer for a Democrat; especially how much they've disappointed me lately. But on the other hand, at least he's not a Republican.


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Greeneyes said...
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Greeneyes said...

Andre~ My Green eyed Handsome King ,

You are getting closer to the political scene , Checking it all out before you try it for yourself ,
Sorry Could'nt resist !
Hope this finds you well and happy,I know it will find you BUSY!

By The way , I did find your photo cute! And I agree with one of your other readers on Face/ You should publish your Post of your trip down to The Big E .
It is a great read , I have said before you are a talented writer , I know you have no interest but hey look, you had no interest in running for office and look your in the beginings of it now LOL ;)

Singing Nora jones' "Come away with ME"


Andre said...

My green-eyed queen,

I don't care what you say: working on a campaign is as close as I'll EVER come to the political arena. Well, aside from ranting about it...

To your second, third, and fourth points:

- I don't do "cute." I'm hardcore. I'm from the streets. *grunts and grimaces*

- I don't think I'd consider publishing my commentary on Nawlins. It wasn't that good of piece. It was just a series of notes I put together in one body of work. But a friend and I have considered the possibility of writing a book after grad school. She (a white woman) and I (a black man) wanted to put together a collection of personal missives about race, religion, politics, and relationships and turn it into a book. But that's a long way from now. I'm about finished w/grad school, but she's just starting. To be continued...

- I'm not a talented writer. I just talk too much. I'm figuring that out now as I'm putting my thesis together. My thesis committee has been eating my paper up. So much for the 'talented writer' label. But thanx anyway.

Joslyn said...

Damnit Andre,

Just take the DAMN compliment!!

Greeneyes said...

Andre~ You Handsome green eyed intellectually gifted KING!

I again agree with Joslyn ,

as I mean it whole heartily without any jest as any compliment I have ever given or will give to you !
Outside of joking with you about the political arena and you throwing your hat in , My words are true ,even the cute part ,
OK,OK ,I give , your fierce looking when you wake up by surprise ,*hardcore even*

The H.C. said...

Hey Dre,
As you know, I don't think Barrack has much of a chance against the Hillary Machine. But for the record, given the choice between the two, I'm with Obama. Down with the Dynasty!!

Andre said...

@ Greeny: I don't know what else I have to do besides having green eyes, getting a Ph.D. and writing extensive pieces about political lies and corruption to show how street thuggish I am. Maybe once I write my first best seller, you'll see how gangsta I can really be.

@ HC: At first I wasn't sure on how Obama's chances were against the Clinton machine. But after seeing how much dough he's raised and how much momentum he's been receiving lately (not included is that ridiculous Obamagirl nonsense), I don't think he's as much of an underdog now.

HeiressChild said...

i'm so shocked that i'm at a loss for words. oh, except for i think obama has a good chance against the hillary machine (?).

jOSLYN said...


You didn't respond to my "dammit" comment!

Andre said...

@ Heiress: "i'm so shocked that i'm at a loss for words..."

Shocked at what?

@ Jos: I'm sorry. I'm not exactly sure how I need to respond. Can I just say "uh..ok..." and be done with it?

HeiressChild said...

volunteering for a democrat or republican

HeiressChild said...

i just say that because of things you sometimes say about both political parties. since i don't really know you, perhaps i shouldn't have been shocked because apparently there is a different side to you since you're volunteering. however, i must admit i was shocked, but in a nice shocking way.

Andre said...

Oh. OK. I get it.

Most of the time, you'd be correct. Considering that I'm a registered Independent and a fervent advocate for abolishing the two-party system, volunteering for the Dems or the GOP should be unheard of. But when reality sets in, I realize that our country is a LOOOOOONG way from embracing a legitimate multi-party system. In the meantime, I try to find decent people; irrespective of party affiliation. To date, the most impressive (and legitimate) candidate I've found is Senator Obama.

HeiressChild said...

i agree wholeheartedly about obama. i'm impressed too.

Cynthia said...

Congrats on your decision to work on Sen Obama's campaign. Personally I've been hoping that fellow Georgian (and namesake) Cynthia McKinney would consider running. There have been rumors that she's been considering a run under the Green Party. She would make history in a bunch of ways: 1st black, 1st woman, 1st Green Party candidate. :) Yay!

GA girl said...

Cynthia, I also heard that McKinney was entertaining the possibility of a Presidential run. It would only be fair, considering the screw job she fell victim to.

I'd volunteer for her campaign for sure!

c0ns3v@tiv3 and proud of it said...

What exactly do you mean by "legitimate"? What? Because he's charming and articulate (oops. I guess I can't say that without being racist).

It takes a lot more than being charming and popular to be President.

Andre said...

@ Cyn/Ga girl: You Georgians travel in packs, I see.

I've been following some of Rep. McKinney's career. I agree that she got screwed. But I also think that she's too much of a fireball to get any real political validation. The way I see it is simple: appealing to your base alone will not be sufficient enough to win in 08. You'll have to reach across the aisle, while also attracting new/inactive voters. McKinney; while I agree with her on many issues, is frankly too militant to accomplish that. I love her militancy. Most Americans won't.

@ Conservative: (1) You left out the "r". But I get it.

(2) "It takes a lot more than being charming and popular to be President."

Really? How does that explain people choosing Bush because they felt they could "have a beer" with him? You can't discount the role that charm and personality play in elections.

c0ns3rv@tiv3 said...

Good eye on the "r". Thanks.


When it comes to using charm, charisma to woo voters I think you've mixed Bush up with Clinton; especially with the Black vote. He plays his saxophone on the Arsenio Hall show and he becomes everybody's hero. Bush gained his support because Kerry made a joke of himself regarding how he would handle terrorism. Bush has an established record of going after them over there so they don't make it over here.

Andre said...

"He plays his saxophone on the Arsenio Hall show and he becomes everybody's hero."

Versus Bush who's only extension to Black America was to add Condi and Colin to his administration.

"Bush gained his support because Kerry made a joke of himself regarding how he would handle terrorism. Bush has an established record of going after them over there so they don't make it over here."

No doubt Kerry was a pansy by that definition. Meanwhile, with President Bush Al Qaeda's strength is "undiminished".

Uh...OK. I guess you win that argument. *Sarcasm*