Monday, April 16, 2007

Mass shootings at Virginia Tech

No commentary. No analysis. No rants.

Just prayers will do for now.


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Cynthia said...

This story is a travesty. It just reminds me of how this country is in SERIOUS need of gun control.

I wonder what the NRA has to say about this.

Andre said...


Actually (Here comes a rant. I promised I wouldn't do this) when you think about the 30 (plus) people killed each day in Iraq and Darfur in the same senseless way, its time to consider an international think tank to revisit this whole weapons and security thing.

It's just a shame that it takes for a mass killing done in America for the world to wake up to this nonsense.

Diane J. said...


The H.C. said...

I figured it would only be a short matter of time before someone used this to return to the outdated notion of gun control as a means to stop this sort of madness. First off; it shows a real lack of understanding about both guns and crime. Having been raised around both legal and illegal guns, I can tell you this for sure, criminals will always have guns...period. What you are talking about is disarming everyone else. One thing every single one of those victims was wishing for as they were senselessly gunned down was a weapon to defend themselves. I myself have used a gun twice to stop a crime, both times legally. I have also been robbed at gunpoint, both times by small caliber street guns with the the numbers on the barrel visibly filed off. I have several guns. Two of them are over 30 years old so don't even try to tell me that through gun control we can eliminate guns by reducing the number available to steal. That would take forever.Also, take a look at the mechanics of a gun, this is not a nuclear weapon. All I need is a piece of pipe, flash powder and a round piece of metal (ask anyone that was in Vietnam). In N.Y. they outlawed handguns in the '50's and all that happened is the gangs started making "zip guns". Since Michigan started allowing more people to carry guns through a CCW, crime has gone down. This is true in every state that allows it and you can find the stats at; Disarming the good people is not the answer, and you CANNOT disarm the bad people. (Sorry if I seem in any way mean, I know your a nice person, I just disagree)

Andre said...

@ Cyn: After further review, I think that Hippie's right on this one. Using tragedies like this to politicize gun control will never be effective. For that matter, attempting to be a ban on guns period will be unsuccessful. History has shown us (from Prohibition to the so-called "War on Drugs") that legally prohibiting particular products only creates an underground market for them. So in the end, the only people who will possess guns will be the 'outlaws'.

To me, tragedies like this will never stop happening as long as:

(1) People continue to only be sensitive to the violence that happens on their OWN country,

(2) Violence is continually propogated through entertainment and media; further desensitizing people to it, and

(3) Nations continue to use violence and force to push their agendas.

At the risk of sounding pessimistic, it's not likely that any of the aforementioned things will stop. Violence, like it or not, has become a hot commodity in our society. Like sex, it sells like hotcakes.

The H.C. said...

Glad to see we're on the same side on this one. I do understand the reaction, but as you said,"So in the end, the only people who will possess guns will be the 'outlaws'". Trust me, I could get a gun in 5 minutes on the street, Guns Galore took me 5 days, a lot of money and pages of paperwork.

"sydney" said...

I don't think the issue of guns being outlawed or not, is the case (I don't care for them myself). What needs to be discussed is why someone felt the need to open fire on more than 30 people. What made him wake up in the morning and decide to take lives? If it wasn't a gun, it could have been something else. Let's discuss what perpetuated this horrible incident to occur.

Andre said...

@ HC: I think the initial response to gun violence has ALWAYS been "let's get rid of the guns." From Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine" to Russell Simmons and his anti-gun movement. But all that will do is provide a temporary solution (maybe) to a much larger problem.

@ Syd: Well put. Perhaps if we spent more time focusing on the "why" (motive and opportunity) and not the "what" (the guns themselves), we would be in a much better spot. This man was determined to kill people. He would've did it whether he had a gun, a grenade, or a slingshot.

Anonymous said...

So much for your "no commentary, no analysis, no rants" promise. And you said you were a man of word.

Unless that word is "bullshit", you're off base.

Andre said...


Dag. How do you really feel?!

Andre said...

I'm sorry. I was also meaning to ask: do you have anything meaningful to add to the discussion?

I just wanna know before I waste any more of my time (when I should be working) reading what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

Andre, let me apologize.

You see the truth is simple: I have no life.
si i have to appear on your blog as a "no-namer" to really feel like someone special. I'm actually jealous of the way that you are able to express yourself so well. I wish that I could be myself and stand on my own ground, however it's much easier to remain in the shadows and point the finger. Please forgive me and pray for me

HeiressChild said...

good discussion here. i too agree that guns will always be. we had a drive-by this past saturday on my street that left 7 people wounded. nothing like this has happened in the 12-1/2 yrs i've lived here. thank God no one was killed, but still it shows how easy it is to get weapons and use them, and the mindset of people who do these types of crimes.

in my neighborhood, it stemmed from an earlier dispute between some teens at a macdonald's and continued into the neighborhood later on that day. not only was the involved teen targeted and shot, but innocent people were shot as well.

i think as long as we're here on planet earth, there'll be crime and weapons, but i do agree about coming together to find solutions to help combat some of this crime. WAKE UP WORLD!!!

my continued prayers for all of the families.